Kingdoms of Camelot

8.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Clear interface and the game is stable

Repetitive gameplay

Camelot is famous for its heroes, actions, and wonders, and you get to join in on all of this with Kingdoms of Camelot. Attempt to win King Arthur’s favor by building your own kingdom, training with the mighty and fabled knights, building an army, and coming together with others to form strong alliances.

You have an experience full of history and fantasy, where you become part of the tale that we all know and love. With Merlin’s help, you can make your way through this and see your kingdom grow and your people become stronger and stronger. You will have what it takes to impress the good King Arthur.


Your start in Kingdoms of Camelot is you joining a faction. You have to join the Druids, the Briton, or the Fey to go forward. Make sure to choose wisely, too, so that you are happy with the way that your game plays out. After choosing, you are going to start on your quest to becoming a powerful kingdom in the world of Camelot.

To make this happen, you are going to need to build yourself a castle and start your empire from the ground up. It is a long journey, of course, but it is one worth getting into if you love battling and empire building.


Battling is a major part of Kingdoms of Camelot. With the setting, this is no surprise to anyone. You have warriors of all types fighting on your side to help you strengthen your kingdom and fight against the enemies. You can use them, along with your own skills and strategies, to start taking out enemies and winning wars. Since you are training alongside the fabled knights, you can trust that you will have the ability to take out nearly anyone who stands in your path. With their teachings, you can win.

Once you win, you are rewarded with special items that can strengthen your kingdom. These will give you abilities and power that can help greatly through the battles you will face. The more that you strengthen your kingdom with these items, along with the regular training, the easier it will be for you to continue to win.


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You will have the opportunity to become the strongest kingdom in all of Camelot, winning the favor of King Arthur and getting other people’s attention. Battles are exciting so you should have no trouble pushing yourself through them to win your rewards.

To help you along your way in Kingdoms of Camelot, you can make alliances. You can join sides with others to help you improve your kingdom and become stronger. This is vital here if you want to keep your kingdom developing, growing, and becoming better than all others out there. You will have the chance to do all of this much more easily if you have people on your side, assisting you throughout the game. Of course, you also have to be there for them, but it is not that hard and it is a lot of fun.

Kingdoms of Camelot is free to play.

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