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Project AURA (, )
November 2, 2015 -

After years of damaging the environment, climate disaster struck. Humans were forced to go into hiding, using cryo-preservation to live out the chaos. For years, humans stayed in this preserved state while the Earth moved… Read More »

Gnomoria (, )
October 31, 2015 -

The gnomes have gone off on their own in Gnomoria. They are making their own kingdom, one where they can have peace and where they can support themselves. Making this happen, however, is not so… Read More »

From Farm to City: Dynasty (, )
October 31, 2015 -

Build up farm and city in From Farm to City: Dynasty. Your beginnings are simple and expected, with just a small piece of land. This land, however, grows and improves over time. It goes from… Read More »

Factorio (, )
October 31, 2015 -

Factorio will allow you to be able to build and even maintain your very own factories. This real time strategy entertainment will allow you to mine different resources, research different technologies, and even automate your… Read More »

Space Colony (, )
October 31, 2015 -

As you can guess by the name, your objective in Space Colony is to create a colony in space. This is a colony where you and your crew will set up life. Life here will… Read More »

Lethis – Path of Progress (, )
October 29, 2015 -

Lethis – Path of progress is an amazing game with overwhelming personality. This game has great core mechanics and a variety of buildings. Lethis is similar to an impressions game. You must meet the needs… Read More »

The Tribez (, , )
October 28, 2015 -

City builders all feel the same. Typically, you have a basic city, you have a few simple ideas, and you have the construction to complete. In The Tribez, however, you have a setup that is… Read More »

Spore (, )
March 11, 2015 -

Experience life like never before with Spore. Create your own species, nurturing them from cells or creating them yourself. Make tribes and fill space up with your own kind. It is a wonderfully creative outlet… Read More »

Craft the World (, )
March 9, 2015 -

Craft the World truly does have you crafting the world. It is an immense and beautiful world where you control dwarves who are trying to build their society and protect their people. Using strategy and… Read More »

Fractured Skyline (, , )
March 8, 2015 -

Fractured Skyline takes place in the near future, a time when corporations have even more power and more abilities. You are running your very own corporation here and you are going to want to make… Read More »

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