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BalanCity (, )
November 5, 2016 -

A city building and balancing game, BalanCity challenges you to create an entire city without letting it crumble. There are a few problems facing you when doing this, and it can make it harder to… Read More »

Earth Space Colonies (, )
November 5, 2016 -

Build entire civilizations in Earth Space Colonies. It takes the city building genre to new places – namely, space. You will go into space, explore planets, build civilizations, and create an entire society of people… Read More »

Imhotep, Pyramid Builder (, )
November 5, 2016 -

Build immense pyramids in Imhotep, Pyramid Builder. You will hire workers, get them to work, take care of them, and continue building up your resources and income. This will start as a small project, with… Read More »

Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation (, , )
November 5, 2016 -

The apocalypse has begun in Judgement: Apocalypse Survival Simulation. You control a group of survivors as they try to stay alive, rebuild, and bring back civilization. The world is not over just yet – but… Read More »

Stellar Monarch (, )
November 5, 2016 -

As the leader of an empire, you are not building farms and ships. That work is too low-level for you, at least in Stellar Monarch it is. Instead, you will lead and you will make… Read More »

The Universim (, )
November 5, 2016 -

Start small but grow to incredible heights in The Universim. You begin with just a hut, not much else. As time goes on, though, you begin to turn that little hut into a bustling, massive,… Read More »

RimWorld (, )
November 4, 2016 -

Depth and complexity make RimWorld one of the best colony builders out there. You are not just building a colony; you are helping people to thrive and develop. You are bringing people joy and you… Read More »

Spacebase DF-9 (, )
November 4, 2015 -

Start small and grow into the stars in Spacebase DF-9. You join a small crew attempting to make new life out here in space, but with numerous problems to face. They need your help if… Read More »

Space Station Alpha (, )
November 4, 2015 -

Space Station Alpha is an adventure explorer game where you get to build and manage your own space station in the outer reaches of the Milky Way. Test your management and exploration skills because the… Read More »

The Oregon Trail: American Settler (, , )
November 4, 2015 -

Like most people, you might have played The Oregon Trail on an old computer system. Maybe it was at school or at home, but you probably threw that game onto the screen and tried your… Read More »

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