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Valhalla Hills (, )
March 28, 2017 -

Valhalla Hills is a very unique building game that promotes strategy and skill. Building fanatics everywhere will enjoy puzzling out an ambitious and balanced economic system. In order to earn your place in Valhalla Hills… Read More »

Dwarf Fortress (, )
March 27, 2017 -

If you are wanting a unique experience with city building that will have you controlling dwarves, then you need Dwarf Fortress. You will notice that it has strategy and rogue like elements as well. The… Read More »

Banished (, )
March 26, 2017 -

Banished: The Game of Ultimate Strategy About Banished: This game falls into the city building strategy genre, you are in charge of a group of exiled travelers who want to start new lives in a… Read More »

Planetbase (, )
November 10, 2016 -

Planetbase gives you everything that you need to create a base in the starts. Choose your planet, start building, and watch it expand beyond anything you could imagine. You will have a magnificent base, full… Read More »

Lord Mayor (, )
November 8, 2016 -

Simple yet captivating, Lord Mayor is one of the best builder and strategy games out there. It does not feel like your average, boring title of either genre, giving you a fun mix that you… Read More »

Soviet City (, )
November 7, 2016 -

Do not just build in Soviet City – rule. You are going to have to rule over Soviets, a task that requires thought and care before undertaking. It is not going to be easy, not… Read More »

Rise to Ruins (, )
November 6, 2016 -

Building a village in Rise to Ruins is more than you might realize. It is not the same as other village builders, adding some excitement and challenges to the genre. It gives you an entirely new… Read More »

Concrete Jungle (, , )
November 5, 2016 -

RPG meets city builder in Concrete Jungle. It is a new take on city building that you might not have seen before, and it is something that you will love to play. Its unique approach… Read More »

Castle Story (, )
November 5, 2016 -

Build a city and a life in Castle Story. You will build massive castles that spread over the entire land, you will build towers that reach into the heavens, and you will create a life… Read More »

Blueprint Tycoon (, )
November 5, 2016 -

You are to create the blueprints for an entire settlement in Blueprint Tycoon. You will create your own settlement, you will branch out to others and create trade routes, and you will manage all of… Read More »

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