Medieval List

Legends of Honor (, , )
May 15, 2016 -

Fight, build, succeed, and grow in Legends of Honor. Very much similar to typical castle and city builder games out there, this title offers a wide variety of features and activities. You will collect resources,… Read More »

Dawn of Discovery (, )
October 31, 2015 -

Dawn of Discovery will give you a chance to live in Anno 1404 that will give you a linear campaign and plenty of customizable gameplay. There is a lot to really discover, as well as… Read More »

Asterix & Friends (, , )
October 31, 2015 -

You will be playing the role of the indomitable warrior ‘Gaul’  and will be responsible for rebuilding the village that has been destroyed by the Roman army, and led by the command of Caesar in… Read More »

Cultures – Northland (, , )
October 29, 2015 -

It is time for you to travel back to the time of vikings. Loki has been banned from Asgard by Odin as punishment for all the trouble that was caused by the serpent of Midgard…. Read More »

Townsmen (, )
October 29, 2015 -

Build your own kingdom in Townsmen. You have the chance to start working on a medieval kingdom of your own. You can put in the buildings, defenses, and look that you want. You can make… Read More »

Anno Online (, )
October 28, 2015 -

If you have been looking for a city building world that will keep you entertained for hours on end from a big name like Ubisoft, then you need the next series of great city building… Read More »

Sid Meier’s Civilization V (, , )
March 11, 2015 -

This is a hardcore game for hardcore war gamers, and, it is going to remain hardcore. It is not going to dumb down, it will remain as is. It is for the best if gamers… Read More »

Hearthlands (, , )
March 8, 2015 -

Live like a king in Hearthlands. Here, living like a king has nothing to do with eating copious amounts of food or having people do everything for you. In fact, living like a king is… Read More »

Elvenar (, , )
March 8, 2015 -

Elvenar is a magical game set in a fantasy location. It gives you a small land that you will build upon, turning it into a kingdom that will dominate in all ways. Whether you are… Read More »

Forge of Empires (, )
October 19, 2014 -

Building a city is fun and all, but few can really compare to Forge of Empires. Here, you are not just building a city; you are building a full empire that is going to last… Read More »

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