Zanpo Virtual Cities

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Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 5/10
Graphics: 5/10

Easy to play

Dated graphics

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Modern Cities.

Lovers of Minecraft and pixel art delight in this incredibly unique, block-based city game. Zanpo is not only an online game, it is a virtual world and social network. There are many cities in Zanpo, each with their own unique architectures and communities. Zanpo Virtual Cities is not the same old building game where you construct preset structures.

Zanpo gives you the ultimate creative power to construct a real city. You will use individual building pieces to design a fairly detailed structures. The emphasis is very much on building and not management. Users will then vote on the best ones and they will be added to the virtual city. Do you have the architectural eye to develop a structure keen enough to be added to the virtual city?


With Zanpo Virtual Cities you can register to build or simply choose a city from the dropdown menu. Click on City View and you can poke around to see what everyone else has been building. This also allows you to get a nice feel for the tone of each city.

This online game allows you to be the mayor of your very own city in Zanpo. Can you feel the power? You can actually have your own city with community forums and voting areas. With online submissions every citizen can participate in your new city. They can even submit buildings to help your city grow. You will have access to a powerful administrative tool that will help you to appoint up to three moderators. Each of these moderators will help you run your city and they will also have access to the administrative tools.


The city’s fabric is dense and complex. The administrators are encouraged to only add buildings that really look like buildings. This brings a lifelike element to this online game. Each building admitted to the city will have its own real-life qualities. The block palette is designed to assist you in your building endeavor. It will help you construct walls, rooves, facades, platforms, and other architectural designs.

Make sure that your building does not fill up the entire block if you want it added to the city. The edges of your block actually butt up against your neighbor’s, so give them some room. Even though you are allowed to build up to the edges and top of your block, you are not encouraged to fill up the whole thing. A smaller well-designed building has a better chance of making it into the city than a behemoth mega-structure.


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The roads in the template also connect to the neighbors block so you must keep that in mind if you consider moving them. They must at least match up along the borders of your block. You want to make sure that your structures are clean and cohesive. If you place a gem in your building for decoration, you’ll want to make sure it links to good content because you will have visitors.

This game is about strategy and detail. Zanpo Virtual Cities is a cornucopia of virtual worlds. Join this extravagant social network and build your own entire city. Then manage it and encourage visitors. This game is a breath of fresh air that uses a massive virtual world for entertainment. What an awesome addition to the city building genre!

Zanpo Virtual Cities is free to play.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Modern Cities.

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