Wild Guns

7.6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Easy to get started

Dated graphics

Wild Guns is a breath of fresh air in the MMO community. It is set out in the Wild West in the middle of a desolate prairie. You must form a village and cultivate it into a strong settlement. You are out on the vast prairie where the Buffalo roam, and more.

At the start of your adventure you will have nothing. You will be prompted to choose which nation you want to be. There are Cowboys, Mexicans, and Indians each having their own abilities and qualities. You must choose wisely because you will use your nation to establish a village. You will start off as the chief of a small village that you must develop through any means possible. The village you establish must be strong so that it is not vulnerable to the enemies.

Wild Guns7

The Cowboys are defense oriented. They target resource gathering and can have the largest of all hideouts. The Indians, on the other hand, have an aggressive playstyle. The focus on fast, quiet movement and reducing the effectiveness of their enemies. The Mexicans offer a pretty balanced choice of additional building options and effective ramparts.

After choosing your nation you must gather the necessary resources to start building your settlement. You will choose your buildings and technology upgrades. There is such a vast variety you can rest assured that your decisions impact your development. You can collect wood form the forest, iron from the mines, and cultivate grain on the fields. You can even dig for clay and you may discover a valuable goldmine.  Each resource will help you extend your village and recruit warriors.

Wild Guns10

Combat is one of the areas where Wild Guns really shines. The unique troops available to each faction has wide range of attributes unique to combat. You can fight against enemy settlements and conquer the prairie! A bit of violence will help you to occupy enemy territories and subdue adversaries. Build a huge army to hold or destroy other players. Wage war on neighboring settlements and vanquish their armies. Blast other villages with your cannons. You must make important choices about which units to use and how to shape your military portfolio.

Test your skills at exploring the surrounding territories. Discover hidden artifacts and use them to expand your area of influence. Each artifact system offers another level of strategy. Wild Guns may even prompt you to join or start an alliance.

Wild Guns12

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Light up the pipes of peace and make a treaty if you so choose. A good treaty with the right party will help you build a great alliance. There is a huge variety of management tasks to perform.

Choose your race and go to work. Wild Guns is a rarity in the MMO building genre. It is a very welcome break from the usual medieval focused games. The quality gameplay is very accessible and easy to get started. This game offers a solid play experience. Wild Guns is highly recommended to anyone that enjoys the classic building game infused with a decent amount of strategy and a lot of action.

Wild Guns is free to play.

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