6.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Well written dialogue | Good storyline

Population increase is slow | Limited map

Build a medieval town in Villagers. You will bring prosperity and happiness to your people while allowing the village to grow, surpassing even your own expectations. The features and massive size in this game make it a must-play for anyone who enjoys village builders. Similar to many top titles on the market, including Banished, it gives you excitement, strategy, and challenges around every corner. It is the title of your dreams if you like this genre. Collect resources, keep your people happy, watch out for dangers, and go through story or free mode as you wish. Everything is ready for you to explore and play.


There are two modes for you to play, story and free. Free mode is exactly what you would imagine. You have everything available to you in a basic way; you just have to take advantage of it all. You can begin building, growing, and managing tasks without having to deal with the needs and requirements of story mode. If you wish to add some challenges and responsibilities, and a little charm and depth, you can go right into story mode. It is a light-hearted and fun story that will not add a lot, but will give you enough to build an exciting experience.

27 buildings are available in Villagers. You can use each of them to create a new village, one with everything that your people need. You will construct each of them with the help of your village people, who will all have specific jobs and tasks. The buildings are beautiful, with great art throughout the game, and they are all vital pieces of your success.


The same applies to the people. All of the people are important to your village, obviously, and you will want to make them happy. Do what you can to bring up their happiness and keep them satisfied. The happier they are, the more willing they are to help your village succeed.

People in your village have lives. They do not exist for the sole purpose of building your village, something you need to understand quickly. They have romantic needs, building relationships and having families. They will become couples, become families, and, over time, pass. You will watch as your people grow old, have babies, and eventually die. This is a cycle that will continue as you play, with each citizen going through the same cycles as your village continues to grow and improve over time.


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You are not blindly and aimlessly building. Challenging missions put you on your way, forcing you to meet requirements and handle tasks. Trade, manage, grow, sell, and do much more in this game. Free play is less challenge-based, but it still requires strategy and thought.

Villagers offers endless replay value and entertainment for any fans of the genre. You will have the chance to explore, build, keep villagers happy, and improve the village over long periods. Watch as your people live prosperously, having families and being like normal people. It is a joy for anyone to experience.

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