Valhalla Hills

8.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Amazing soundtrack | Stunning visuals

Lack of gameplay variety

Valhalla Hills is a very unique building game that promotes strategy and skill. Building fanatics everywhere will enjoy puzzling out an ambitious and balanced economic system. In order to earn your place in Valhalla Hills you must improve constantly, using your knowledge and achievements accordingly.

This game is based around a group of dead Vikings that are set on entering the gates of Asgard. Odin, the god of Asgard, has shut if firmly in their faces. You play Odin’s son who has been banished form the kingdom. Your love of building and disgust with brawling and boozing has gotten you exiled. Now it is your job to help these poor Vikings regain their honor and reach Valhalla, if you can.

Valhalla Hills9

In order to do this, you’ll need to keep them alive and this means building a community. It needs to be an economically sound community where they can live and work while waiting to enter Valhalla Hills. This means you will need to build tents, homes, and other structures.

This game is about strategy, so you shouldn’t just place things anywhere you want. For instance, when the Woodcutter’s structure is unlocked, it would be wise to place it near trees. It is best to place structures strategically depending on their individual purpose. As each structure is placed on the map, Vikings will auto-assign themselves to the task. Providing there are enough materials to fulfill the requirements, each Viking will decide to either occupy the structure or work on it full-time.

Valhalla Hills10

The Vikings that build or work on structures earn honor for completing their tasks. This honor will bring them closer to their goal of reaching Valhalla Hills. Even the non-playable characters in this game take on a life of their own. Valhalla Hills is happy to employ both male and female Vikings for any job that needs done, including hunting and fighting.

The portal on top of the hills is your only chance to get the Vikings their well-earned reward. The main object of each map is to unlock the portal that will lead you to another world. Be careful, each portal has a guardian that protects it. These guardians don’t just let anyone through. You must choose to either fight the guardians or build a shrine and make them a peace offering. Take advantage of the ability to make war camps to protect your community against the portal guardians. Luckily, each portal will tell you the type and number of guardians on the other side.

Valhalla Hills11

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As you progress through the maps of Valhalla Hills, more and more structures and abilities will be unlocked. The production, logistic, and military categories will be available to you. There are a few tutorials available for you to ease into the gameplay. This game utilizes pictures and text together to make the gameplay easy to understand from the earliest stages. This allows you to concentrate on your strategy and gives you the ability to act quickly, which only helps your poor Viking refugees.

Be prepared for randomly generated levels with various challenges. You must constantly look after the needs of your Vikings. Although a true Viking never gives up, they don’t seem to cope well with the dangers and challenges of the mountains. They need your knowledge and skill to survive. Earn a place in Valhalla Hills, for yourself and your Vikings.

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