Urban Empire

6.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 5/10
Graphics: 5/10

Novel concept | Laid-back gameplay

No replayability | Clunky UI

Urban Empire is not a mere city builder. You will rule the city you build, shaping it physically, culturally, and politically through 200 years. Beginning in 1820, you are going to undertake the task of building a massive city that will grow, evolve, change, and shape to your desires. Turn it into a place of equality and respect or focus more on technology and science. Help your city to achieve new heights and to become a sensational place to live over these years. Make your people happy and put your city on the path towards success, or maybe make life miserable for everyone involved.


You begin Urban Empire in 1820. Your city is just starting, and it needs your help to grow. Over the next 5 eras, spreading 200 years, you will be the person behind the ultimate success or destruction of this city. You are the mayor, and you are going to do everything in your power to push the city in a specific direction. Build, invent, and give rights to the people of your city. Watch as the people and times change, and watch as all of your actions and choices change and shape the city. Everything you do matters, and on a large scale.

Your goal is not to build and manage a city. Unlike most other city builders, which focus on the building, this focuses on the politics behind the city. You are going to rule the city and you are going to help bring about change. Throughout all 5 eras, over 200 years, you will make changes to the law that can help or hurt your people. Change laws, give certain individuals power and equality, and make a society of your dreams. You can shape and build that society over the years, with each era making some amazing progress.


Every action you take has its effects and consequences. You can give more power to a single party, you can bring about happiness or misery, you can target a specific goal for your city, or you can bring everything crashing down. The direction and outcome of your city is entirely up to you.

You are not some invisible face. Urban Empire gives you a choice of four families that will rule over the city. Each one has a specific goal in mind, like technology or equality. Choose the family that best represents you or your desired direction for the city. You will go through five members, each representing an era, as you move through the game.


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Replay value is outstanding. In any city builder game, you have an insane amount of replay value available to you. Here, though, there are opportunities and differences in every path that make each replay fully unique. Each family, choice, and direction will radically change the game from a previous play through.

New events, ideas, features, and other aspects of the game help to create an addictive, engaging title. Urban Empire is for people who want to see what this genre can truly become.

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