7.1 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Easy to learn interface | Can be played offline

Fire tower doesn’t work all the time | No way to move or rearrange the buildings

Build your own kingdom in Townsmen. You have the chance to start working on a medieval kingdom of your own. You can put in the buildings, defenses, and look that you want. You can make it a functional, beautiful city that grabs the attention of all who see it. With so many options, from basic buildings to stunning statues, there is no saying what you could do. Watch as your small village turns into the kingdom of your dreams, as you continue to build and improve upon it and see everything that is possible with the numerous features available in this game.


Your journey in Townsmen starts as a tiny village. You start with just about nothing, as you do in any game. This nothing, though, will start to grow. You will see this small village turn into your kingdom as you continue to play. To make this happen, you have to work on everything. You have to bring in better housing, you have to improve your defenses, you have to have all of the necessary structures, and you have to beautify the place. All of this is a bit time consuming, as you might imagine. It requires dedication and effort to start seeing a real change take place in your village.

Some of what you can put into this game include taverns, crops, markets, gardens, and so much more. There is a lot to put into your kingdom. All of this will make for a better living experience for your tiny inhabitants and it will make for a better playing experience for you.


This turns the tiny village into a busy and joyous kingdom. With the taxes that you collect from your people, you can start to earn more and more as your kingdom grows. You will quickly see your village become one of the top kingdoms that anyone has ever witnessed.

It is not all peace and happiness in Townsmen, however. On top of building up your kingdom, you will have to protect it from danger. Bandits may attempt to enter your kingdom and take what they can. If they do this successfully, they could harm your growth and they could put you back quite a ways. To avoid this, you need guards, barracks, and towers. You need to make sure that you are fully prepared for what these bandits can dish out. Good defenses are what can keep your kingdom surviving and growing well into the future.


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There are plenty more features available with Townsmen. On top of the gameplay and attention to detail, you have things like controller support, sandbox mode, and tasks. There is a lot offered here. When it comes to what you can do in the game, the sandbox mode and tasks are certain to suit you. This gives you the chance to see more of the universe and to unleash your creativity. For actually getting into and playing the game, controller and Game Center support both make a huge difference. This helps you to stay having fun.

Townsmen is free to play.

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