6.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 5/10

Complex systems

Lacks polish

Imagine the dungeons and monsters that you see in nearly every game. They threaten your existence; they want to take you down. It is their mission to destroy anything and anyone they see.

They love bringing destruction and mayhem. The only thing that can stop them is a hero ready to take on a great mission. Only a hero ready to go into that dungeon, weapons and armor at their best and stocked with all of the essentials, can take out these beasts. In Towns, you are not that hero. Instead, you are the hero’s hero, the person giving the hero everything they need to survive.


Play as the town in Towns. You have a town built over a dungeon, which is where all of the monsters and dangers lie. You do not dare wander in as you are merely a regular human. You have neither the skills nor the bravery to take on those monsters. Your way of helping is to build a town that caters to the heroes. The heroes that want to go into the dungeon are going to need a lot from you, so make sure that you are ready to help. You have to give them the services and items necessary to keep these heroes working at their best.

Your main focus is having all of the necessary shops and services. You have to sell goods, have beds, and keep the heroes happy. Before they go into the dungeon and after they come out, they should have everything they need from you. If this is not the case, they cannot have the peace and safety they need.


This could put them in danger, possibly make them not want to come back. Why would they, after all? If they have no safety net in the town, your town in Towns, there is no reason for these heroes to ever return.

Start building up shops, roads, defenses, and important items. There is a lot you can create in Towns, thankfully, so it is easy to have the perfect place. On top of having all of the items and shops in, you can also personalize the appearance. The possibilities here are incredible. Play with designs until you like the final product. See what these items can create, put them together, take them apart, and continue trying and retrying until you like the way that your town finally looks. It is a constant effort that is worth the time when you see the heroes all around you.


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Never forget that you have to succeed by actually attracting the heroes from the start. Towns is like most other city builders out there in this respect; success comes from hard work. You do not start out doing well. Work your way there by building, organizing, and focusing.

Try to put together the perfect town that will leave the heroes in awe. This is an important step in becoming the best town and the best dungeon crawling spot in all the world, bringing all the heroes, and the money, to you.

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