6.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 5/10
Graphics: 5/10

Charming graphics | Simple but engaging

No save button | Clunky and slow controls

Building a kingdom takes on new challenges and excitement in TownCraft. You are not just making some buildings or completing basic tasks. This is part of what makes this game stand out, even if it is not entirely unique and new. It gives you depth and detail that other titles of this genre cannot match. The story, resources, builds, people, and other aspects of the game give you a level of engagement that will make this one of your favorites almost immediately. Procedurally generated maps allow you to do this as many times as you would like, having a new kingdom each time.

As is normal, you start with nothing. Nothing in TownCraft is truly nothing, though. You have to do everything, including making your own tools. Making basic tools, like a hatchet, will give you the chance to start collecting resources. Once you collect enough resources, you can start to make more tools and buildings. You can begin building your kingdom up to amazing heights.


There are a lot of resources to find. You will not find all of them immediately, but you will find them throughout the time you spend playing. Everything from cotton to silver, canary eggs to grapes, will serve some purpose. Dig and explore to find every resource you can. They will play an important role in your success, allowing you to do and create more than you could otherwise.

Using the resources to build and create is one of the most exciting parts of TownCraft. You will build bridges, houses, and much more. If there is a structure that your people need, you will build it for them. There are hundreds of different things to create, too. Play with combinations and find all of the ones that you need. They will each help you to create the most amazing kingdom you can imagine.


Growth opens your kingdom up to visitors. Visitors will come by to shop, eat, relax, and have fun. They will become an essential piece of your economy and kingdom, helping you to do better. Some of them may even stick around to work and live, giving you villagers that will do the work you need done.

These villagers are wonderful. Your peasants will become your workers, doing all of the tasks you need done. They will manage the farms and mines, and everything else out there. They are the backbone of your kingdom and you will want to use them fully. Order them as you see fit, making them do the dirty tasks that keep your kingdom functioning.


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Follow the story and deal with the other kingdoms as you try to grow. There is a delightful, silly story involved with this game that adds a touch of charm. It is simple but it does give you more than you could imagine in this type of game.

TownCraft gives you the kingdom building game of your dreams. Build, control, and navigate the story and land. Every play through is a fresh, new experience.

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