Timber and Stone

5.9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 5/10
Graphics: 5/10

Lots of content | Easy construction

Scrolling is glitchy | Clunky UI

Build a city, fight against goblins and other enemies, collect resources, and do more in Timber and Stone. It offers a mix of city building and real time strategy features and gameplay while offering a unique setup. Its challenging, engaging design gives everyone something to adore. Whether you are new to this type of game or you have experience in this genre, it is the game to pick up. It forces you to work harder and think smarter, and even then success is not a guarantee. You will have to do more than you could think possible if you want to come out the winner.


Minecraft players will immediately appreciate the appearance of Timber and Stone. Its graphics are similar to the massively popular Minecraft, but it does have a cleaner and higher quality appearance to it. Still, the graphics will remind you at every turn of the popular game and will give you a similar feel. The blocky appearances, the environment, and everything that you do will remind you, in some way, of Minecraft. It is not a copy, however. While it has its inspirations and similarities, it is far more different than it is similar. You will have a unique and brand new experience walking into this game.

The goal during the game is to collect resources and build. This is a basic goal, but it is the one you start out doing. You will have to mine and collect as many of the resources as you can in order to build your little city. Do keep in mind, though, that you are not just building a few structures. You have to build walls, weapons, and other items, too. You will need to protect yourself.


Protecting yourself is essential to success. In this game, there are a lot of enemies waiting to kill you. The better you are, the more likely they are to come after you. Make sure that they do not get the upper hand at any point. Have weapons, food, clothing, walls, and other necessities ready to assist you in this war. This will ensure that your people remain protected, secure, and happy. With weapons, you can fight back.

Combat and sieges are a major part of Timber and Stone. You will have to learn how to handle yourself in battle if you want to continue growing and playing. As the enemies come out and you continue to explore, you will need to make sure that you do not die and lose. This is a huge risk if you go out unprepared.


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Challenging yet exciting, all of this will become quickly addictive. It is not an easy game by any means, nor is it impossible, but it gives you this sweet spot. It gives you a manageable challenge that leaves you frustrated with the desire to keep going.

You can keep going for a long time. Timber and Stone offers hours upon hours of excitement. While not the biggest or best out there, it is a title that any fan of the genre should play.

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