The Universim

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Beautiful world.

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Start small but grow to incredible heights in The Universim. You begin with just a hut, not much else. As time goes on, though, you begin to turn that little hut into a bustling, massive, and modern city. You will go from caveman-type living to astonishing modern and futuristic lifestyles. All the while, you will watch as your people, your nuggets, live their lives. It is a wonder to see and explore, and the art wraps everything up nicely. Anyone with a fondness for city builders or real time strategy games, or anyone looking to get into these genres, will adore the experiences laid out in this game.


Your beginnings are simple enough. Like any society, you start small and basic. You are not given the tools you need to survive nor are you ready to take on any big challenges immediately. No, you will have to start small and begin growing. You will need to find and make the tools and structures that you need. Basic tools will give you the ability to build, and that will allow you to create more structures. As time goes on, you will see your structures improve and your nuggets will have the chance to grow in numbers. Your population will be on the rise.

Like most games of this genre, the citizens are doing all of the work, or at least the labor part of the work. You will hand the nuggets tasks to complete, making them do the building and collecting for you. When they finish up, they will eat, sleep, and make babies. All of this they manage themselves, taking the micromanagement out of your hands. You will not have to tell your citizens what to do every moment of their lives as automation plays a large role in this game.


Part of improvement and modernization is the advancement of knowledge. Nuggets must learn skills in order to push your society forward. The skill trees will open up certain abilities and opportunities that will improve your society, pushing you toward the modern age and beyond. You will become intelligent, capable people that can even go out to space.

The Universim appeals to people visually, as well. While the poly graphics are not great up close, they do add charm and character to the universe. From afar, that charm is multiplied. You have beautiful graphics and a stunning environment that will engage you, pushing you further and further into this world. You will see the wildlife and the people live their lives, you will watch the environments change, and you will appreciate the world for what it is.


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Currently, the game is still in alpha mode. You can purchase the full game in its alpha mode or play a free demo, but it is not out yet. What you get is still a great taste of what is to come, with the graphics and gameplay that you want to see. The Universim offers excellent features and details that make it stand out, even as a new game.

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