The Tribez

7.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Pleasant graphics | Diverse gameplay

Tough to progress around level 8 unless you make in-app purchases

City builders all feel the same. Typically, you have a basic city, you have a few simple ideas, and you have the construction to complete. In The Tribez, however, you have a setup that is brilliant. It is not innovative or special, but it is perfect for just about any fan of the genre. If you find yourself in love with city builders, and you want an interesting take that you can play immediately, this is your title. It allows you to focus solely on the game, taking in the story and features without worrying about all of the little extras. It is everything you want in one of these games.

The Tribez10

When looking at the basics of The Tribez, you have a lot of what you expect in a city builder. You have all types of structures and extras that you can place on your land. Place them anywhere you feel they will fit, upgrade them, and make the place look nice. It is all of the city building that you want. It is set in a tribal type of environment, too. This means dinosaurs, huts, farms, and all of the primal living that you can handle. Even with this, you still have some modern structures, like pubs, that are set up to feel tribal.

One of the big differences with The Tribez is that it does not rely on the friends and money systems that you have with alternatives. When it comes to friends, they do not play as big of a role as they normally do in this genre. You do not get the “friend tax” here, which means that you can keep playing as often as possible.

The Tribez11

You still have the social feature and benefits for visiting friends, of course, but it is not as important. Along with this, the premium currency is not nearly as important. There is no real push to buy all of the items that you need. Instead, premium currency is mostly used to rush jobs.

Since there is a greater focus on single player experiences, you have more missions and a better story. The Tribez really does bring the excitement and entertainment for anyone who prefer single player city builders. You have a variety of characters to meet, a lot of tasks to complete, goals to achieve, and a story to finish. All of this sets you up for fun and work now and for as long as you play. There is always something new for you to do in this game, and there is always a new way to meet your stretch goals.

The Tribez12

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Details are a major part of The Tribez. As you can see above, there are numerous details in the gameplay itself. You have a lot more to this game than you normally do in this genre, which leads to a better experience. The details continue to the graphics, too. This is a beautiful game that is, simply put, pretty to play. You will find yourself mesmerized by the pterodactyls, the characters, the structures, and all of the other little things you find around here.

The Tribez is free to play.

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