The Oregon Trail: American Settler

7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Bright and colorful graphics

Energy depletes quickly

Like most people, you might have played The Oregon Trail on an old computer system. Maybe it was at school or at home, but you probably threw that game onto the screen and tried your hardest not to die, usually in vain. The nostalgia and excitement of those days is back with The Oregon Trail: American Settler. It is not the same old Oregon Trail, however. Instead, it is all about getting over the trail and starting a new life. It is about building your frontier town and living a happy life, just as you had planned to do in the original if you ever got far enough.

Since The Oregon Trail: American Settler is set in the same universe as Oregon Trail, you will have some moments to relive. It gives you the chance to go through these moments again, but with a lot more to do than you had previously.


Relive your childhood and some of your favorite moments from the original while still making progress in this new game. Something to remember, though, is that this is not a remake. It is a brand new game with its own story, features, and gameplay. While you will relive a few moments here and there, you have a lot to do that is unique to this game.

The Oregon Trail: American Settler is all about building your own frontier town. It is about moving on from the past in Oregon Trail and starting a new life. To do this, you will have to start building structures, bringing in animals and crops, and work on keeping your town growing. It is all about building the perfect town that can survive and that can provide. This will take time and money, but that is not that hard. As long as you continue to play, there is always time and there are always new opportunities to make money.


Character customization, fishing, hunting, and prospecting are all available, as well. This means that you have a lot more than just your average city builder. You can start to build your town, you can give it a functional farm, and you can play mini games to collect necessary resources. Everything, even down to the labor it requires to make your city, is entertaining. This keeps you addicted to the game, it keeps the game exciting, and it gives you a lot more to do than you normally find with these types of games, and all with a setup that you will adore.


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To make The Oregon Trail: American Settler even more interesting, you have dangers to face. These dangers, such as stampedes, can make it nearly impossible to succeed. That is if, of course, you fail to manage them successfully. If you are not able to avoid and manage dangers as well as you should, they can take you down. Luckily, this is not that hard to do. You can start to build your town without worrying about whether these dangers will mean the end for you.

The Oregon Trail: American Settler is free to play.

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