8.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Expanding your city is inexpsive and easy

Costly decorative items and long wait times

SuperCity: A New Facebook City Simulation Game

SuperCity is the creation of Playkot placing you in the role of Mayor to develop a small town into a massive empire! You must increase your population through building homes and businesses, developing farms for produce and compete in quests. As you carryout quests and build your town, you will unlock various items such as tennis courts or other entertainment opportunities.


It takes energy to complete buildings and some quests or tasks may take some time. Energy does recharge, but can take awhile or your can purchase more within the store. You are going to need more materials for other buildings such as a bridge spanning waterways. These items are also available for purchasing. Timed tasks can be complete immediately with an In-app purchase!


Activities and Entertainment:

You can throw a tournament at the tennis court or host parties at your club. You will have countdown timers that will challenge you to add friends for further rewards such as trophies. You are also encouraged to create various decorations to entice new residents into your community.

New Frontiers:

As you continue through play, you will unlock maps and additional areas such as the Enchanted Valley and the Highland. Daily events consist of visiting your friends and caring for five of your buildings. If you tend your farms, you will receive many great goodies, while tending homes or businesses you will receive allotments of coins. If you help your friends, you will receive free energy, which is always a welcome gift!


Your Game Screen:

On the top left of your screen you will find your available coins or cash. To your right you will find your experience bar, your level and the number of settlers you have. Just below that information, you will find the Avatar “Andy” who is here to offer tutorials. The left side of your screen shows your icons for buildings, roads and your bulldozer for removing trees. Your building icon will give you information on how to expand buildings and other building options. You will receive more options as you level up and gain more experience.


One upside to this fun game is visiting your Facebook friends and try to steal their gold! When you visit their towns, simply click on a building and see if there’s possibly a little bit of rent money hanging around! Want to slow down their building progress? Click on a building in development, then use the radial menu and offer their workers food! The workers will stop working and take a lunch break! It’s up to your friends to click back on the building to get them back to work!


For more screenshots, click here.

In Conclusion:

This is a good Facebook game and allows you to interact with your friends while expanding your settlement. Although erecting buildings can take time to complete, expanding your area is quite easy and very inexpensive. If you are a fan of CityVille, you will fit right into SuperCity!

SuperCity is free to play.

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