Stellar Monarch

8.6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Unique take on an old genre | Simple and effective graphics and arts

No proper tutorial | Too much micromanagement

As the leader of an empire, you are not building farms and ships. That work is too low-level for you, at least in Stellar Monarch it is. Instead, you will lead and you will make the important decisions. You will face off against aliens, you will appoint imperial officials, and you will do all of the things that an emperor does. Your goal is to create and lead an empire that can rule the stars. It is going to be quite different from other games of the genre, and that is going to add a level of difficulty and engagement that you cannot get elsewhere.


Most games force you to play as everything, including low-level jobs. Sure, it is great to build farms and ships, but that is not why you are there. You are not there to do the lowly jobs and to do the basic tasks; you are not there to do the labor work. You are there to rule over others and to use your skills, intelligent, and experience to rule over others. Micromanagement is just not fun enough for you. Stellar Monarch gives you everything you could want in this genre, taking you away from the boring and monotonous that you are tired of seeing.

You have a few main tasks. Dealing with assassins, crushing rebellions, managing quotas and other basic areas of ruling, and making important decisions that can affect other life in the stars are all within your control. It is your job to build a successful, joyous empire that leaves your people happy. Doing this will force you to think hard about every choice. You cannot just jump into what you plan to do; you have to choose based on what will help your people. It is not always going to be as clear as you might think.


Do this with hundreds of planets. There is nothing for you to do other than set them all up for success. There is no micromanagement, no little details for you to manage and take care of as you play. You are going to focus on the big details, what you will have to do as emperor. Without that micromanagement, gameplay does go by much quicker. You are not forced to sit there and obsess over something small, allowing you to get more done. It is a fast-paced game that will keep you working and playing, even as you get further and further into the game.

Stellar Monarch has AI and aliens, too. It all seems great at first sight, but the selection and variance is what will grab you. They are not all horrible creatures out to kill you. Some are hostile and some are friendly. It is your job, as emperor, to find the good ones and build relationships. Work with what you have.


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Strategists and builders looking to become emperor will adore Stellar Monarch. It offers more than farms and ships, more than what similar games can offer. It forces you to think on your feet and to be quick about what you do.

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