Space Station Alpha

7.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Fun and addicting

Too little content

Space Station Alpha is an adventure explorer game where you get to build and manage your own space station in the outer reaches of the Milky Way. Test your management and exploration skills because the challenges will be many. You are the architect and commander of what will become a busy space terminal.

You will start with the bare minimum to accomplish your task. With a small bit of space, a handful of credits, and a beat up old Workerbot™ you are tasked with constructing an economic hub fit for tourists. This bustling little space town should include a mega-prison, a diplomatic center, and any other necessary building or township you can dream up.


You must be careful because oxygen will escape through every tiny little hole. It will flow freely through open doors and stop at closed ones. Take note, a high oxygen environment can lead to spontaneous fires but a lack of oxygen will kill customers. There must be balance in the environment that you create. You can, however, get ingenious and bleed oxygen from rooms to fight fires and unwanted guests.

Speaking of guests, you will also need to manage the fickle attitudes of various squishy alien customers. Unhappy aliens go rogue and that isn’t good for business. It makes all the other customers unhappy as well. You may even encounter giant energy aliens that you must contend with.


Start with little more than a piece of vacuum. Set aside areas for your passengers to set up shop. You must cultivate a population, whatever the species. You will probably encounter strange sci-fi phenomena such as nebulous alien blobs. You will also confront asteroid showers and various other spacey horrors like large space faring creatures that colonize dwarf planets. Make friends with interstellar neighbors and decide if they are trustworthy.

While building your space station you must manage many other tasks besides just controlling the amount of available oxygen. You must keep your guests happy and manage their health and energy. You must know where each guest is at all times, even if you are busy adding on to you galactic infrastructure. You must hire workers, command controls, and keep track of equipment. Take to the stars and build a fully functional space station.


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Space Station Alpha is unobtrusive and the feature cabinet is full. You must protect and rebuild after a myriad of natural space disasters. View things from a distance or fly in and eavesdrop on the conversations of your customers. In any case, you must keep that hull intact! You want to encourage repeat business and tourism to strengthen your growing economy.

The high tech 3D environment is a great place to set up shop. The setting is appropriate and the graphics are strong. You must deal with warps in the space-time continuum and a number of other surprising challenges. This is a space station simulator that is loads of fun to play. There is even a save feature so that you can easily pick up where you left off before. Each time you play, add on to your space station. Space Station Alpha will test your skills as you build and command a bustling intergalactic town.

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