Soviet City

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Design concept | Amazing soundtrack

Repetitive gameplay | Hardly updated

Do not just build in Soviet City – rule. You are going to have to rule over Soviets, a task that requires thought and care before undertaking. It is not going to be easy, not if you want to rule with an iron fist. You will have use terror and intimidation to your advantage, keeping everyone in line without taking it too far. Finding that perfect balance is going to take some work, but you can do it. You can even replay it a few times, with each replay being completely different from the last. It is one of those games that require you to think and do rather than just be passive.


As the name suggests, Soviet City is set in Soviet Russia. Here, it is about more than building. You will have to build, of course, but you will have to rule over the people, too. You cannot let them get their way or do whatever they want. That is not what an effective Soviet leader would do. To be the effective leader you are expected to be, you will have to watch every move you make and be careful. You will have to keep everyone in line while continuing to build up this society to make it functional.

Soviet City relies on a terror level. The terror level changes with the buildings that you put down, with each one raising or lowering the level. If the level is too high, people are going to react poorly. You are going to have people rebelling in the streets against you. If the level is too low, people become complacent and you no longer rule with an iron fist. This will lead to your removal in order to get a more effective person put in your position. Find a good balance between the two to keep the terror levels manageable.


The many buildings make this somewhat easy. Use the ones that work with your current terror level and switch them around as necessary. Sometimes, you will need to put in one with a higher terror level. Other times, you will need a lower level to keep things handled.

This is not a set it and forget it type of deal. When you put down your buildings, you will have to keep watch over them. You want to make sure that the workers are doing their jobs. If they are not, you have to get them back into shape and get them working again. Do not let them lag behind and hurt your country.


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Much of Soviet City takes from actual politics and history. It gives you a somewhat realistic experience with Soviet Russia that you may not have had before. Take part in the politics and the strangeness of it all while showing just how powerful of a leader you are.

Soviet City gives you an interesting, unique, and exciting political story. Take over Soviet Russia, prove that you can use terror to your advantage, and build the future that they want.

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