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Polished look

Cities are too small

For those of you who have never played Sim City, you are missing out. This is one game that will give you a full world of simulation. The world will remind you of an architectural model and the details when it comes to the simulation are the best, especially since it is the most personalized and responsive.

You will notice that the city management in Sim City, is huge and you have the option to control a small part of a whole city or the whole area. More or less, you can play in 1 to 16 cities at one time, each one with their own special items. They have finally incorporated a multiplayer platform, which gives you the chance to improve your gameplay and competing with other people.

Sim City3

Since Sim City now uses the updated GlassBox engine, everything in the world will be simulated. This is from the individual Sims that live in your city up to the whole city itself. You will find the consequences of your actions in the game pretty fast and you can even go in-depth to see what makes your city tick. If you want to learn how your decisions impact your city, you can click on individual Sims to learn about what they are doing, their happiness, and even their wealth.

You will also have the chance to control everything like unemployment, taxes, city power, water, educations, pollution, and so much more. There are updated visualization tools that will let you see certain things, like how the power is distributed in your city. You can even create a customized fire station that all you have to do is add a dispatch tower and it will respond to emergencies and fires more quickly.

Sim City7

When it comes to controlling your city. You can play in a single city or up to 16 different cities and still track your wealth, education, population, and happiness in each area. When you play in multiple cities, you have a chance to explore each areas specialties, like manufacturing hubs to casino meccas. This gives you millions of opportunities to create a strategy, build a unique city, and play. If you invest in one single industry, it will cause the that city influences other areas in your region.

Since you can now create cities that have their own specializations you will have options to do great things. Mayors that are looking for intelligent Sims, can build college town that has universities, community colleges, and libraries. If you want you can even have an area that is all about Big Business like Electronics, Trade, Coal, and Casinos to increase your cities overall wealth.

Sim City10

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Each specialization will have its consequences and benefits as well. Your educated Sims will unlock new technologies that will improve your city, yet the universities are expensive to keep. Although your casinos will bring in tourists and help make Simoleons, it has a tendency to bring in unwanted crime.

Since the addition of a multiplayer platform, you can now be a great neighbor and send your fire department to other cities that are in need, or create industries that create pollution and watch your neighbor’s Sims get really sick. You can even compete with your friends to build awesome areas or just earn achievements that are unlocked when you name is at the top of the leaderboard.

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