Sid Meier’s Civilization V

9.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10

Gorgeous graphics | User-friendly UI

Minor issues with AI and unit movement

This is a hardcore game for hardcore war gamers, and, it is going to remain hardcore. It is not going to dumb down, it will remain as is. It is for the best if gamers figure out the when, where, and why by themselves. Watching your decisions being played out one by one is an experience you’ll never forget, it will strengthen the entirety of a person.

For the concerned Civilization old-school gamers, and all of the new gamers out there; There has been some changes made from the original version, However, everything that has stayed the same, has stayed for the good of the game itself, it is important to keep gamers on their toes, and always thinking.

The three “C’s” is what gives “Civilization V” a definition of its individuality. If anyone should ask what the difference is between “Civilization V” and the other versions of it, the best way to answer would be to say; “Civilization V” can be defined by the following three different elements:, Culture, City-States, and Combat.


First and foremost: Combat

The map system’s layout of the previous version was square based, whereas, in this version it has a layout that is hex based. This way the movement appears more realistic in more ways than one. The visual features showing off the topographies definitely gives it more meaning, and makes it more difficult than in the previous version.

In addition, the military units in previous versions could be stacked, but not in this new version. This is going to make it so you have to use other strategies when it comes to sending the soldiers out in the field. The use of much stronger tactics will be necessary when positioning tough artillery units. There has also been a revision in the combat section, as for the mechanics, so that nothing like the Archer Killing can continue.

Sid 8

What these changes accomplished was a great achievement, it has created features that let gamers feel how realistically historical combat really was, and the frequent shifts of battle planning happened.

The Second Big C: Culture

The culture aspect of this game is about collecting, earning, and trading gold, food, and other items, as well as getting evolved in the social part of it. There is land to be had and other good stuff.

Sid 10

For more screenshots, click here.

The Third Big C: City-States

There are many things in this option that can benefit you. Things like receiving help from ground troops, and even receiving a ship. This is where your vacation package comes into play, and gifts and power. NOTE: You do have the option of turning this feature off.

To sum it up; Civilization V is better than it has ever been. It hasn’t been brought down, and it’s harder than ever for those that are not in the realm of grognards. It’s rather slow due to being a multi-playing game, but well worth the waiting!

It is very addictive, You will find it is not so easy to simply put it away for the night, there’s always that question in the back of your mind “what if”, and “maybe on the next turn”.

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  • Johnson Quest

    So it’s called “Civilisation” but it’s really a military game. Tells you where humanity’s priorities lie.

    • Zeus Python

      I’m assuming you haven’t played the game? As with all of the Civilization games, there are a number of ways to win the game (e.g. You can aim for diplomatic, cultural or scientific victory rather than military domination) and it is only really “a military game” if you choose to play it in that way. In Civ V more than previous Civs I think going down the military route is more difficult – cities are harder to capture and acquiring cities too quickly can make your empire difficult to manage. I tend to focus on other aspects of the game, sometimes entirely forgetting to build a military. This is often my downfall to be fair – whilst ignoring military entirely is generally unwise (barbarians will pillage your lands and other civilisations will tend to exploit the weakness and you won’t be prepared for their attacks), it does not have to be a major aspect of the game at all. If your civilisation happens to begin in a hostile environment, with aggressive civilisations nearby and hordes of marauding barbarians, you may be pushed into playing the game in a more militaristic way, but in general I’ve found military has been only a minor aspect of my games. If your civilisation is technologically superior to those around you, you don’t need so many military units, if you’re wealthy enough to quickly purchase units on demand you don’t need so many in reserve, if you’re a savvy diplomat you can keep on good terms with civilisations and reduce the chances of being attacked, but you can never entirely rule out another civ stabbing you in the back, so its best to be prepared for the possibility.

  • Zeus Python

    This is one of my favourite games. It’s not strictly a “medieval city-building game” but I think its fine to place it in such a list. I hadn’t really thought of it as a “city-building” game before and simply considered it a turn-based strategy game, but you certainly have to build cities and I suppose it crosses both genres really. Civ V has made spamming cities not as beneficial as it was in previous incarnations, as it can rapidly become difficult to keep your citizens happy and to build certain wonders if your civilisation expands quickly. Since its often wise to keep your civilisation small, managing the city or cities you do have is even more important than in previous versions. It’s not uncommon for me to play most or all of a game with just a single city, and it’s rare for me to have more than about three cities to manage, at least until the later stages in the game. It’s not strictly a medieval game either, as it spans everything from ancient times to the modern era, but you can set the game to begin with medieval technology. So, you can certainly play the game as a medieval city-building game if you choose, but the game has more to offer than just that.

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