9.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Replayability | Non-linear gameplay

Lack of depth | Too much micromanagement

Depth and complexity make RimWorld one of the best colony builders out there. You are not just building a colony; you are helping people to thrive and develop. You are bringing people joy and you are watching them live their lives. It is an extraordinary experience that any fan of the genre will adore. It gives you more than a place to colonize; it gives you strategy, story, excitement, and endless replay value. There is always something for you to explore and see, and there is always an adventure waiting for you. Grow your colony to unbelievable, monumental sizes and see what your people can do for you.


Build a colony in space using a few crash wreck survivors. These are not explorers or people on a mission; these are people trying to survive. After a crash left them stranded on a planet, they are going to need to come together and build a new life. Doing this will require everything they have, and maybe a little extra support over time. With these being inexperienced, uninformed people, you are going to have a lot of struggles ahead of you.

One of the struggles is using everyone effectively. In most colony builders, all of your colonists are, for the most part, the same. They have similar skills and purposes, with few differences. RimWorld takes a different approach, however. Instead, you get a variety of people. Scientists to farmers, they all have their own backgrounds and specialties. They all have their skills and disadvantages. Do not fret if you do not have one you need, though. You can always get more through things like slavery, battles, and rescues.


An interesting piece of RimWorld is the lives of the colonists. Many builders will give them the ability to have children and to marry, but this game takes it a step further. They have personal lives that develop and change over time. They can fall in love, marry, and divorce. They can build and destroy their relationships. All of this can happen because of their own needs or because of the environment.

The environment plays a major role in the game. How they feel can change everything, leaving them demoralized and stressed or excited and energized. How you handle their needs, what you do, and what happens will affect them tremendously. As their leader, it is on you to keep their happiness and safety up by protecting them, giving them what they need, and watching out for potential disaster.


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Moods, illness, hunger, and more can strike at any moment. The risks for each changes depending on the world you chose. Tundra and desert and forests all have their own risks and advantages, and you should learn more about them when choosing a planet.

Trades, battles, pets, and more await you in RimWorld. There are nearly endless features in this game that make it a full, addictive, and exciting colony builder. It takes on features and options that you do not see in other titles, too.

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