Project AURA

7.9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Good concept | Novel backstory

Lacking in tutorials | Long production chains

After years of damaging the environment, climate disaster struck. Humans were forced to go into hiding, using cryo-preservation to live out the chaos. For years, humans stayed in this preserved state while the Earth moved back to a habitable condition once again. In Project AURA, you will lead the group of survivors that are now waking up. They need to survive, rebuild, and become self-sufficient. This means that you need to strategize and create a plan that can help them to meet their goals. This is how the humans will recreate their society, going back to life and attempting to avoid the issues faced due to the climate.

You pick up Project AURA right when the humans come out of preservation. This is when everyone is starting to look towards the Earth for new survival. To survive, though, they have to start finding pieces of the old civilization and building their new one. When you start the game, there is no development whatsoever.

Project AURA5

There is nothing there for you. You have no buildings, nothing to use for survival, and nothing to use to build up your colony. You will have to start collecting everything as you play, getting your hands on anything that you can find.

Now, before you create the impressive colony that you expect to create, you have to figure out how to survive. A colony cannot just jump right into having everything it needs, obviously. You have to collect, explore, reuse, train, and start moving your way to a better society. You have to start picking everything up and trying to make improvements. This progress will take a long time, but it is your only way to stay alive. For the first while when you start the game, this is all that you are doing. As with any new, growing society, your goal is to stay alive long enough to become stronger and better.

Project AURA9

That stretch goal of building your new society is within your reach. As you play, you will start to have just enough to build and to maintain. This is the start of your colony, turning a few scraps and items you find into an immense colony. To help your colony reach your goal, you will also need to train and specialize the people, as well as specialize the colony itself. This will make it easier to complete the tasks that you want to complete and to see your colony reach its full potential.

Project AURA12

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Project AURA is all about rebuilding society. It is about strategizing, planning, finding new approaches, learning from old mistakes, and designing a functional and attractive colony. All of this requires effort and time. You have to think about everything you do, you have to use your resources wisely, and you have to build your colony up successfully. None of this is all that easy to manage, but it is something that you can do, and do well, and actually have fun with it. There are innumerable possibilities opening up for you here.

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