Poly Towns

6.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 5/10
Graphics: 5/10

Cute art style | Fun gameplay

Laggy controls and buttons | Lack of variety

A city builder at its most basic, Poly Towns offers everything you want in the genre. Simple yet addictive, it offers great experiences and it gives you the chance to build a perfect city. Newcomers to the genre can pick it up immediately with no trouble getting started. It is everything a city builder should be. Experienced players of the genre will appreciate the quality, variety, unique appearance, and challenges. It does everything this genre should do, and it does it incredibly well. This type of game is why this genre blew up in popularity in the first place, and why it continues to do well.


Poly Towns greets you with charming graphics. Your first impression is already positive with this, giving you a cute little world to admire and explore. Of course, that tiny world is quite limited at first, but that will change as you play. The graphics will help you to get started by keeping everything simple and basic, ensuring that you do not have any worries or concerns getting started. Appreciate the beauty and the simplicity of the world, and that these continue onward. Fall in love with the world as you see it and as it unfolds before you.

You start on your own little zone. That single zone is where you will begin building your city, making it the wonder city of your dreams. Do not worry about restricting yourself to one zone, either. As you improve and grow, so will your potential. You will unlock more of the zones, allowing you to do more with your city. Continue to unlock zones and continue to grow your city, making it as big as you can imagine and as you would like. The only thing stopping you is yourself. There is always room to grow and to do better with your city in Poly Towns.


As with most builders, you have resources. You have to consider these resources as you continue to build upwards. Neglecting these resources could make it difficult, if not possible, to succeed. Find a perfect balance between your resources and consumption, making sure that your villagers are happy. Control them so that they are getting what you need at all times.

Keeping your villagers happy is essential. Poly Towns runs on happiness and money, and you have to keep them both up. If your villagers are unhappy, the game is over. If you are no longer earning money and are losing it, game over. Finding a balance will allow you to stay in the game longer. Do not fret if you lose, though. You can always come back and restart, trying again from the beginning. There are nearly endless opportunities for playing Poly Towns.


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Exciting, captivating, and beautiful only begin to describe Poly Towns. Yes, this is a simple and straightforward city builder, but it does what it does well. It gives you a full and detailed world, it gives you great graphics, and it gives you the gameplay and game mechanics that you want in the genre.

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