7.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Challenging and balanced | Nice graphics

Cannot build multiple colonist | No building upgrades

Planetbase gives you everything that you need to create a base in the starts. Choose your planet, start building, and watch it expand beyond anything you could imagine. You will have a magnificent base, full of colonists and science and wonders. Getting to that point will require time, but there is a lot of fun to be had. Anyone who wants an exciting, addictive game that promises nearly endless entertainment will want to pick up this title. It gives you the chance to build your colony unlike anything you have ever built before, and unlike anything that you will ever build again.

Colonize the stars as a way to build a new society. You will have your choice of planet out of the four available, each with their own unique environments. Choose one and begin building. Of course, after you finish with one planet you can always replay with another. This replay value does add entertainment to the game, keeping you hooked for much longer than a few days. You will want to see more of what this engaging, exciting world has to offer, and you will want to do the same with the world after. There are always challenges and new things to discover ahead of you.


As you develop the structure of your base, you will have to think about power. There are a few power options available, and the one you choose may change depending on the planet. Again, each planet has its own unique features and advantages in Planetbase. If you want to use a specific type of power, you will have to make sure that it works with the planet of your choice.

Your people will need a lot. Food, water, metal, and other goods are imperative to your success as a colony. To get all of these items, you will have to search and do what you can to succeed. Grow a hydroponic garden system, develop meat with science, mine for metal, extract water where you can, and continue to collect necessary resources. The survival of your people relies on what you do here and now.


When collecting goods, you can begin to make money off them. You can produce, use, and sell these goods as you see fit, allowing you to make money. Start an entire production line, from start to finish, and make sure that your products make it to your target consumers. This is how you will make all of your money.

Maintaining and growing your Planetbase colony is no basic task. You will have to give them what they need, you will have to work with them, and you will have to have the right skills on your side. This is how you go from a few to hundreds strong, and continuing to grow over time.


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Nothing and no one is safe. You will have disasters, natural and human, coming through to bring you down. They will threaten you and do what they can to destroy your colony. Do not let this happen. With a mechanized base and good strategy, this is not a problem.

Planetbase is an exciting game from start to what seems like a finish. Seemingly never ending, it gives you the fun that you crave.

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