Pirates: Tides of Fortune

5.7 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 5/10
Graphics: 5/10

Variety of features and game mechanics

Gameplay is similar to other games

Become a pirate legend and build a private haven on Island Fortuna. This is a realistic 2D strategy MMO that is accessible on the internet and on Facebook. Pirates: Tides of Fortune is tapping into this often untouched setting. Explore this in depth game with a great technology path that makes it a one of a kind in the industry.

As a Pirate Captain you will be shown the tricks of the trade by the beautiful Captain Ann O’Malley. She is a fully voice-acted, multilingual narrator who will instruct you on the basic gameplay. This experienced and ruthless pirate helps inject life into the game.


Once Captain O’Malley turns you loose, you will captain your very own band of pirates. Adventure across the seas and plunder your enemies to build a healthy stockpile of resources. You’ll build up your island stronghold and improve your technology. Steal resources from enemy ships to further grow your armada. You can even join a Brotherhood to work towards a common goal with a team of allied pirates.

You can recruit a variety of unique units to help in different combat missions. You also have the option of customizing their strengths in the game’s skill tree system. Complete each objective to eventually grow the barren island of Fortuna into a legendary pirate’s haven. You can even send scouting units into enemy bases to gather information before raiding them. Then you just set your strategy and go to work.


In Pirates: Tides of Fortune, Island Fortuna starts out as a barren place. You have the opportunity to build it up as you see fit. Build up your stronghold and form allies with other pirates. As you erect buildings on your island you will gain access to additional resources.

There are three basic currencies to manage which include lumber, rum, and gold. Additionally, the special resources include gears, idols and pearls. These are each earned in limited quantities for specific actions. Idols, for example, are earned for attacking or defending. They are an integral part of the technology system of the game. Pearls, on the other hand, are gained for leveling up. They will allow you to upgrade certain unit stats through the Witch Doctor. These two resource oriented mechanics make Pirates: Tides of Fortune really stand out against other games.


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Experience the pirate lifestyle through the fully voice acted tutorial. Alter your pirate settlement through a massive amount of technology customization. Scout, raid, and blockade other players or join your own pirate alliance. Manage the six game currencies carefully to become a dangerous pirate threat.

Pirates: Tides of Fortune is a fresh new game with awesome graphics. All you need is an eyepatch and a pirate hat and you’ll feel the ocean spray on your face. Become a pirate legend in this unique MMO interface game. This game offers a strategy adventure for all tastes and desires. It is unique and comprehensive and you will absolutely love getting lost on the seas in this pirate adventure.

Pirates: Tides of Fortune is free to play.

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