Pirate Village

6.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Hidden object scenes / treasure hunts

Lack of variety

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Medieval Cities.

Pirate Village is a Facebook based city builder game that sets itself apart from other games. Become a Pirate Captain and construct a pirate village on a tropical island. Take a trip away from the normal world for a while. Make the island a bustling city and earn heavy bricks of gold. Being a pirate isn’t easy and living in a pirate village is just plain hard!

Pirate Village offers a cornucopia of things to do so you never get bored. Construct hotels, civil buildings, and more. Decorate each structure as you go. Construct roads to every building for better population numbers. Build city wonders and upgrade yer skills. Arghh!

Pirate Village7

Set foot into the world of Pirate Village and you’ll be introduced to yer pirate buddy Pablo. Pablo has a city of his own, so he will teach you the basics of the game through dialogue boxes. You’ll learn all the most crucial activities like how to construct buildings, expand your area, and help others. This tutorial goes by rather quickly and then you are let loose to do as you please. However, there is always a quest assigned to you so you have direction.

Pirate Village offers you a multitude of things to accomplish so there is never a dull moment. New quests are always on the horizon. Enjoy over twenty-five hidden object mini-games that are waiting for you to work them out. Choose from over one hundred buildings and decorations to discover and they can all be placed in your village. The quests are aligned in linear and non-linear scenarios so the village economy is always challenging.

Pirate Village9

Some buildings will actually contribute to your economy while others will benefit the population. Roads should be placed strategically to make your island city functional. Luckily, roads are cheap to construct and don’t “cost” any build time. Additionally, each hidden object scene will provide you with a list of things to find. If you can locate them all within the allotted amount of time, then you earn a pretty massive reward for it.

The premium currency of Pirate Island is cash. Cash allows you to purchase some premium structures you can’t buy with gold. You can acquire cash by completing quests and hidden object scenes. Of course, you can always purchase it using real-world money which makes it really easy.

Pirate Village10

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The graphics on Pirate Island are solid and the chosen music compliments the game play. Any fully constructed village is a marvelous sight. The really great thing is that it only gets better as you add to it. The user interface allows for a really smooth transition between the menus in the game. This game is different than any other game in its genre due to its unique and well executed theme.

Join Pirate Island and find the hidden treasures of the archipelagos. Make your pirate village shine. You can even visit the villages of your friends and help them with their progress. Pirate Island is a great Facebook city builder game. It’s easy to play for hours and not realize it. Once you get going you won’t want to stop.

Pirate Village is free to play.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Medieval Cities.

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