Paradise Island

7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Fun and addictive | Earn over 130 rewards

Lag issues | Game crashes occasionally

Build your own empire! Paradise Island is a game for all sun and sea lovers. Are you ready for a vacation but your time off is still months away? Escape to your own special island resort. You can leave work behind and build your own sunny paradise. This is a lovely city-building simulation game.

You will play the role of a resort owner and you must build a profitable business. You will cater to tourists and visitors alike by constructing buildings and decorating the landscape. This is a freemium game with a dual currency system. Paradise Island operates on dollars and piastes, both of which can be purchase using real cash. Don’t click away just yet, you can play successfully without making any real purchases.

Paradise Island7

The object of Paradise Island is to generate as much in-game income as possible by building the best structures in the most appropriate locations. The three different classes of buildings include residential, entertainment, and resource-producing. You can also decorate with plants, statues, seasonal-themed content, and more. For instance, during Halloween you may see zombies and vampires.

Each of the structures you build will earn you money after a specific period of time. They all have different capacities and will earn you distinctive amounts of cash. You only need to click on the dollar signs to collect your profits. Erecting buildings and collecting cash will earn you experience points. As you accumulate experience points, you will unlock more beautiful and extravagant building designs.

Paradise Island11

Rich tourists are ready to flock to your warm beaches. Feed them in your restaurants, entertain them in your casinos and discos, and rent them rooms in your hotels. They are there to spend money and you are there to help them. Build your own empire of entertainment and learn how to manage your own business. As you entertain your visitors, you can expand your island empire. You have the ability to make it the biggest tourist attraction around. As you continue to grow and expand your island you can earn over 130 different achievements.

Try your hand at building cabins, gift shops, hot dog stands, and more. You can also expand both the land and the ocean surrounding it. The bigger your island becomes, the more you can build on it. Of course, along with operating buildings and businesses comes repairs. Every once in a while, you may actually come across a hidden treasure while doing some repairs.

Paradise Island12

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One of the really neat features in Paradise Island is the ability to upload pictures of your island straight to your Facebook page. This makes it easier to show off to friends and family. You can also choose to toggle the sound and music on and off, depending on how you like to play. If you want to get really technical you even toggle the graphics between high and low.

Paradise Island is a really fun game that will keep you entertained for hours as you rake in the dough. The graphics are nicely done and the music is pleasing to the ears. If you enjoy city building simulation games that you can show off on Facebook, then Paradise Island is for you. Create your own urban jungle and landscape a beautiful masterpiece.

Paradise Island is free to play.

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