Oh! Edo Towns

7.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Pleasing visuals and sounds

No way to delete the save files to start a new one

A city builder like no other, Oh! Edo Towns is a lot of fun to play and offers some real entertainment for anyone who loves a detailed builder that has quite a bit to it. It is a marvelous simulator that gives you the chance to build an Edo period village that eventually rises to the top, becoming one of the best cities in all of Japan.

What makes this game stand out is not only the setting, however. You also have quite a few aspects of the game, such as unique villagers, that keep it interesting and feeling fresh. A lot of similar games do not offer the same entertainment value that you are going to get here. At its core it may still be a builder, but the details are what separate it and make it interesting.


There are three types of structures for you to build in Oh! Edo Towns. You have the environment structures, shops, and other facilities that provide some type of function, service, or purpose for the village. The environment structures either will boost the appeal of the village or are important for the village, like houses. Shops, of course, are where items are sold.

The various other buildings offer some type of purpose, like a castle, that is important to the overall growth and success of the village. Balance them out well to see your village improve.


One of the unique features of Oh! Edo Towns is the ability to combine structures. There are 47 total combinations available that allow you to match compatible structures together. When matched, they will offer a higher yield and price, allowing you to improve your economy greatly. They also improve the value of the area in general. The more combo structures that you have, the higher the value of certain parts of your village. This can help you to earn quite a bit more from your buildings.

Even the residents are set apart from other games. Instead of mindless objects that simply roam around your growing city, they are actually going to have some unique points to them. They have attributes and jobs that make each of them stand out.


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This is because they are the ones pushing you forward from the start. While you are building everything and setting the village up for success, they are the ones doing the heavy lifting and making it possible for your city to grow in some incredible ways.

You can continue to build strategically and work your way up in Oh! Edo Towns for a long time. While the game does have an official ending point, where your score stops, you can continue to play for as long as you want. You can meet new travelers, build, see what your people are doing, and continue on the path to become to great city that Japan deserves, and that you want to create. It is not a difficult process, thankfully, and it is a lot of fun for anyone looking for a unique twist on city building.

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