New Rock City

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Unique and artistic presentation of the prehistoric city

Not a creative kind of game with innovative gameplay

New Rock City is a city builder like any other, but with some unique twists that keep it interesting and feeling fresh. You are going to clear out land, repair, rebuild, beautify, and improve the city as a whole, but with a story that is going to change things up quite a bit.

You are going to have to take out the Lizard King and his little minions, keep the city clean of their poison, and continue through the missions to remove the threat and create the type of city where people want to live. It takes everything that you love about simple city builders and brings in a story that adds a new experience to the game.


When you start New Rock City, you are going to have a comic greeting you. This will tell you the story of how this city fell due to the evil Lizard King, as well as give you some knowledge on the Ruby Mine. This story is an exciting part of the game that you cannot find elsewhere, which is what makes it stand out and far more entertaining. You have goals unrelated to city building that help you to keep yourself focused and enjoying yourself. As you progress through the game, you can unlock more parts of the story.

In New Rock City, you are a newcomer to the city who is attempted to help everyone get their lives back together. You are there to rebuild the city and take out the Lizard King, a task that takes great strength and skill.


You have to clear out the land of what is in the way, build businesses and houses, repair areas, beautify the land, and improve everything in general. This part of the game is a lot like other city builders that you may have played. It is straightforward and offers a large variety of items that allow you to customize your city your way.

One of the more interesting parts of New Rock City is the newcomers to the city. Like any game, you are going to have new people coming to town. Rather than being simple pieces of a growing city, though, they are going to be there to unlock skills and request tasks.

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They are there to help you do more than you could before. Without these new citizens, you would not have the growth that your city needs and you would not have the chance to fully utilize all aspects of the game.

Throughout New Rock City, you are going to have to deal with the Lizard King in one way or another. This includes getting rid of the lizards that are going to your city and leaving poison, which you then have to clean up. They make for a much more challenging game. You want to get them out of the city as quickly as possible so that they are not putting everything in danger. It is easy, but it requires quick action to get them out as soon as possible.

New Rock City is free to play.

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