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The game has no actual purpose

Build a major, bustling city in My Mini City. It gives you the ability to turn a single house into one of the biggest cities that you will ever see, and all thanks to traffic. The more people you get to explore your city, the better you become. This means that you have to share and you have to get people going to you.

This requires work, a good network, and a lot of sharing your link. The better you become, the better your city will become. Eventually, it will have everything you want in a city. The look, the security, the money, the happiness, and just about everything you can imagine, all in your city.

My Mini City1

When you start out in My Mini City, you are going to choose the location and name of your city. This is a real life location so choose wisely. Choose a country that you would love to live in, that you do live in, or that you feel is a right fit for your city. You can choose nearly any country out there, and the available map makes it easy to choose. From South Korea to Nauru, you can choose it. Regardless of country size or location, there is a possibility that it is available to you. Build upon it with a city that you name.

Building a city in My Mini City is different from other city builders. In other games, you have to follow some missions, collect resources, and deal with various aspects of actually building the city. Here, however, it is much simpler: Grow the population. This is the most important part of the game for you.

My Mini City3

You cannot do or become anything if you are not building your population. Start sharing the link, putting it into your blog posts, and getting people to see it. This will allow your city to grow into something amazing.

Once you start growing your city, you can see some amazing things happening. You will pass everything you have to do, you will start having roads and farms, you will build skyscrapers and important buildings, and your city will come alive. The results of a My Mini City city are truly astonishing. The size and the possibilities are what keep this exciting. If you have just started out, do not worry about the single house that you see. Over time, as long as you are getting people in to become part of your city, there is some amazing growth.

My Mini City9

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As you continue to grow, more possibilities open up for you. My Mini City always has more content and more options as you play. If you do well, sharing your city with everyone and getting people to go visit, you can take advantage of all of these possibilities.

Your city will grow to huge sizes and you will have the chance to do everything that you want to do with your city. This will help you to have the environment and the look that you want out of it.

My Mini City is free to play.

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