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Tons of cool buildings to collect

Similar to other city-building games

Building a city is a hard job to start, at least in real life. With Megapolis, however, you have an option that is far more interesting and exciting. If you are a fan of city builders, this is certainly going to give you the type of game that you enjoy. It is a straightforward social game that does not rely on energy, like most others out there. Instead, you are depending on time and money to determine what you can or cannot do. This means that you can continue to play for as long as your finances and your structures will allow. Build, manage, and keep everything going until you have no more options left.

Starting out in Megapolis is like starting out in any other similar game. You have a small land where you are going to begin building your mega city, one where people will come together and delight in all of the wonders that you offer.


Of course, getting to that point takes time and work. You cannot just fall into a massive city, after all. It takes a while of playing, upgrading, collecting, and improving to see the type of growth that you are expecting. Getting to that point is the entire point and entertainment of the game, though. You have the chance to build in many, many ways.

You are building residential, commercial, and community structures in Megapolis. You are going to have homes, of course, so that you can attract new residents, helping you to increase the amount that you are making.


This is just the start, however. As you go further and further into the game, you are going to start building restaurants, movie theaters, places for residents to hang out, and so much more. Your aim is to become a full city, offering everything that a city should offer. With what you are putting up, you can even collect taxes to fund your city.

Resources are necessary in Megapolis, too. For a city to work properly, it requires certain resources, water and power. Like in real life, nothing can get done without these necessary resources immediately. You are going to build them and have them generate a certain amount of resources for your city.


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You have to make sure that what you generate is more than what you spend, though. If you do not have enough power and water, you cannot give your people what they need. Remember to do the math and to not build more buildings than you can afford.

Megapolis is a social game, which means that you are going to have various social aspects to it. You can add friends, exchange items, and help each other out, a lot like most other games of this type. Since this is also cross platform, available on mobile devices and Facebook, you are able to do all of this from anywhere. Whether you are on your computer or away from home, you can access your city and start building it up with ease.

Megapolis is free to play.

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