Mafia Battle

7.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Addictive gameplay

Can be boring after a while

What starts as a small, quiet city will soon turn into your own empire in Mafia Battle. Become a gangster, join or create a mafia family, play against and with others, and build a strategy to help you win. It is an online strategy game that puts you in the seat of a mafia style gangster and that challenges you.

You can go solo for the game, you can join up with friends, and you can turn what starts as a small city into the empire of your dreams. It is all possible, and all thanks to your work and time going into it.

Mafia Battle2

Your mission is to become a top gangster in Mafia Battle. This is no simple task, though. This is a world waiting for you to start showing your strength, waiting for you to take over. You have to begin by signing up. Once you do, you can go through the basics. If you played any similar game, you know what to expect in the beginning. It is your welcome to the city, and your start on this adventure. Start learning the ropes, start taking down small targets, and start working your way up the ladder by defeating opponents and building up your empire.

Fight against computers or fight against friends. Mafia Battle has both one and two player battles available. If you would prefer to run through character progress, one player might be more your style. You can begin improving as you face off against opponents. For people who want more of a challenge, two player is what you are after.


Another way to have fun with other players is to get together to take out money transports. This will get you both cash and experience, helping you to make a name out of yourself in this difficult and exciting world.

Of course, what separates Mafia Battle from similar strategy games is that it also has a city building aspect of it. This is your empire and you can make it your own. In most other titles with the same premise, you focus only on combat. Your only mission is to take out opponents and rise through the ranks. Having a city building aspect makes this title stand out in a good way. You can make the city more exciting, you can earn more cash, and you can personalize everything a bit. Make it your own and have some fun with it.

Mafia Battle12

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Join a family, create a family, play at the casino, and just enjoy yourself in general. Mafia Battle is a detailed game that will always offer something for you to do. If you find yourself bored with the combat or if you want a break from the core of the gameplay, try out some other parts of the game. You can keep the game alive with so much to do. It is all built incredibly well, too. The game runs well, it does not require a download, and it looks good. As long as you sign up, you can start playing immediately.

Mafia Battle is free to play.

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