Lord Mayor

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Very intuitive | Cute and casual game

Same gameplay, no variation

Simple yet captivating, Lord Mayor is one of the best builder and strategy games out there. It does not feel like your average, boring title of either genre, giving you a fun mix that you will want to play. Strategize, think, build, and move on to the next city. You have fifteen levels to complete, and you can complete them repeatedly. Thanks to them being procedurally generated, they will feel new every time you play. Never worry about repetition or boredom again; you can enjoy the puzzles and strategy this game offers any time you would like. It is endless excitement for fans of either builders or puzzles.


With most builder games, you start out with some land and you will have to build an entire city. You will have to build and maintain it, keeping everyone happy in the process. That is not the case with Lord Mayor, however. Here, you will have to build, but it is not about building your perfect city. It is about building a city that works using what you have available to you. You will go into a new city, build it up, make it success, and then move on to the next. On a mission from The King, this is all you are doing.

Building will require you to use the twenty-nine buildings and the nine terrain types. These differences are important as you build. You cannot just use them all anywhere, and you cannot use them without thought. You will have to strategize successfully if you are to do well. You will have to look at the building and terrain types, you will have to figure out how they work together, and you will have to find a solution. This is what makes Lord Mayor a puzzle game. It challenges you with every map and every play through.


Your time and resources are limited. You cannot go in and get your way as you please; you will have to work with what you have. This is what adds a level of challenge and difficulty to the game, forcing you to work harder. Think fast, use the pieces that you have effectively, and make sure that everything is accurate.

Fifteen levels await you. All fifteen levels are procedurally generated, creating a completely random map each time. The buildings and terrain will change, and the strategy that you must employ will change. You will have to think on your feet every time a new map appearance. Since this is the case for every map, every time, there are nearly unlimited options when playing. Play through this game as many times as you want. No matter what you do, you will not find the same map twice.


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Every level and every opportunity in Lord Mayor are fascinating. This is a game that get you addicted and makes you want to play more, see more, and do more. The endless possibilities give you that chance, and you can take full advantage of it. Build cities beyond anything you could ever imagine.

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