Life is Feudal

6.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Great graphics | Complex crafting system

Steep learning curve | Tediously grindy

Lead a band of refugees to survival and to a new civilization when you play Life is Feudal. You will help them to build a new town, to make it better, to keep them alive, and to manage life in this new environment. It is not going to be easy to do, not with so many disasters and struggles facing them, but it is something that you must do. For the entertainment and for the people depending on you, you have to help your refugees to build a new life. Manage it, make them happy, and watch your town grow to amazing sizes.


You do not start with a flat piece of land. Unlike most town building games, you have to put work into your land in Life is Feudal. You will have to terraform and shape the land to your liking, making it suitable for all building types. Big or small, you will have to get everything just right. Doing this takes strategy and effort, but it is worth it. Do it with all building types, getting your land perfect for the buildings that you lay. You will be able to have everything that you need to create a thriving, growing economy and civilization.

As you grow, so will your population. They will become families, taking over the land and becoming your citizens. Over time, you will begin to have a massive group of people in your little town, and you will have to watch over all of them. After all, you cannot let them suffer or become demoralized. You have to watch out for their happiness, doing what you can to keep it high. Fulfill their every need, keep them away from dangers, and do what you can to bring their happiness up when you can.


An interesting feature of Life is Feudal is the ability to change views. Go from aerial view, as normal for these games, or switch to villager view. In villager view, you can control a villager and see through their eyes. It gives you more power over what you do while adding a unique twist to the game.

Farming, hunting, woodcutting, and other basic tasks are major parts of life here. When playing, you will want to do these as a way to collect the resources and items that you need. This is how you will continue to grow, feed your people, make money, and complete basic tasks.


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Watch out, though. The environment around you can change with every action you take. The more you use the environment for collecting resources, the worse it becomes. You will want to protect the environment without sacrificing the products and resources that you need. This requires a nice balance between the two.

Life is Feudal offers a great appearance, numerous features, and fantastic gameplay. Anyone interested in town building games will find a reason to love it. It offers everything you need and more, creating a perfect universe for building a town and for managing the life inside of it.

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