Kingdom Wars

6.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 5/10
Graphics: 5/10

Beautiful scenery | Great quests

Technical issues with pathfinding | Can be dull at times

Build and protect your kingdom in Kingdom Wars. You will create your kingdom, build it from the group up, protect it, and go out and defeat other kingdoms. Take over becoming a powerful and fearsome leader. Several ways to play, exceptional combat, and the lack of a pay to win setup make this one of the best MMORTS titles on the market today. To make it even more appealing, you have gorgeous graphics that add a touch of realism to your experience. Build your kingdom and love what you see, and make the most out of every moment you spend playing it.


Beauty is the first impression you get in Kingdom Wars. Upon entering this game, you will see a full 3D world, one where you can explore and have fun all you want. It is a stunning environment that will engage you, pulling you into the combat and building like no other game has before. It is addictive and captivating, and it is everything you want in this type of title. It perfectly complements the rest of the game, making the most out of the structures, animations, combat, and other visuals. Feel as if you are part of this world as you watch it grow and improve.

The moment that you get into the game, you are already having fun and taking control. You will choose between three races – elves, humans, and orcs. They each have their own play style, languages, lore, buildings, and other unique features. Choose the one that you feel best represents how you want to play. When you go through the game with one race, you can start over as another. Continue to replay with all three races, unlocking more of the story and possibilities with each. There is always something new to learn, see, and do in this massive game.


Construct your own base from the ground up. It is similar to city building simulators in a lot of ways, offering a large selection of buildings and possibilities. The difference is that this is not going to require any micromanagement. You will not have to do any work to keep the base going after you build it. You can go focus on building some more or go focus on combat.

The combat is what a lot of people will love. Kingdom Wars gives you a new, unique approach to MMORTS combat. Battle, complete quests, conquer, and invade. You are going to have regions after regions to go after, and nothing stopping you. You can also become allies with others, allowing you to trade and strengthen your army. Go for power and greatness.


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No need to pay to win here. Unlike most other games, you are not putting everything on how much money you have. Microtransactions may help you to beautify the place, but you are not buying your way to success.

Battles, building, exploring, and socializing are incredible in Kingdom Wars. You have a world where you will have to put your all in to succeed, becoming the best anyone has ever known.

Kingdom Wars is free to play.

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