Imhotep, Pyramid Builder

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Build immense pyramids in Imhotep, Pyramid Builder. You will hire workers, get them to work, take care of them, and continue building up your resources and income. This will start as a small project, with only a handful of workers at your disposal, and grow into thousands strong. You will run an immense group of workers by the end of it, all working to build the most stunning and expansive pyramid the world has ever known. With time and hard work, you can achieve this. You can have a pyramid that will live on forever. You just have to know how to get your crew to that point.

The goal of Imhotep, Pyramid Builder is simple – build a pyramid. At least, it sounds simple enough. Like most other builder games, you start with just about nothing, forcing you to work your way up to the top. Your workforce and your pyramids are not there yet, but they will be. You just have to find the perfect balance that leads to success, and then you have to maintain that balance.


When you first get into the game, you are greeted with Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. It uses actual hieroglyphics for the user interface, making it a bit more immersive and engaging. You will have one of two choices – either learn what everything means and does or switch it over to English for a simpler layout.

As you enter and start playing the game, you will have to start getting everything figured out. You cannot have your workers work and nothing else; you have to think about the various parts of the game. You need to hire four types of workers – irrigation, farming, household, and builders. All of them play an important role in maintaining the quality and growth of your pyramid.


The builders make it possible to build, which is the entire goal of the game. However, they cannot do this without the work of the other three. You need a farm to collect materials, you need to turn those materials into food, and you need to sell what you do not need. This gets you food and silver, both of which help you to keep your workers.

Along with feeding and paying the workers, you will have to shelter them. Build huts to keep them safe as you build, making sure they have basic human necessities. Without this and food, your workers would surely die.


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For the most part, your workers do work automatically. They do everything themselves so that you do not have to do anything. If you would like them to do something or go somewhere, though, you can put them down where needed. Move them around anywhere on the map as you see fit.

Continue building and growing. Imhotep, Pyramid Builder gives you the chance to hire thousands of workers, to build high into the sky, and to become a powerful ruler. With some strategy and thought, you can do this and see phenomenal results for all of your hard work.

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