Idle Civilization

6.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 5/10
Graphics: 6/10

Simple and fast paced

Poor graphics | Repetitive gameplay

Idle Civilization gives you the power to build an entire civilization. You are not limiting yourself to a single town or kingdom; you are building an expansive civilization that is seemingly endless. When you see endless, you should think endless. There is no stopping your growth and the spread of your kingdom, allowing you to continue building for as long as you would like. Build as many colonies as you want, become allies with or conquer your neighbors, and rule over people with an iron fist. You can become the greatest leader that these people have ever seen and will ever see.

Building is the main goal of Idle Civilization. To build your civilization, you will start small. This is similar to many other builders, at least in this way. You will start small and slowly grow your civilization, going from village to kingdom. Work and work, bringing your tiny village up from the dirt. You are going to create colonies, expand beyond the horizons, and take over lands you have not even seen yet. The growth in this game is incredible.


The map that you will use is completely randomized. You will not have the same map as someone else nor will you have the same map during every play through. When you play, the map will generate randomly and force you to think on your feet. You will have to strategize and grow around the map given to you.

To help you during your building and growth, you have upwards of 30 buildings and 60 research tasks. Continue to grow and do more, with few restrictions in your way.


Expanding beyond where you are now is going to be a cinch. You have nearly endless land to explore and conquer, where you can establish your kingdom as you see fit. Watch out, though, because you are not alone. You will have to practice diplomacy, you will have to manage other kingdoms, and you will have to work around other civilizations. You can conquer and you can become allies. The goal of it all is to come out on top.

You can battle and collect loot during all of this, too. Explore dungeons and ruins to defeat enemies, collect loot, and do so much more. It is an adventure for your heroes to go on, and one that will bring you riches and glory.


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Idle Civilization is not your average builder. It resides in a world of fantasy and magic, which means that you have certain deities that can help you. By worshipping a deity, of which there are 6, you will unlock special powers that can assist you as you grow. Use this to your advantage to have the upper hand in combat and growth.

Everything, from the exploration to the conquering, is exceptional. Idle Civilization gives you more than a builder and more than an adventure; you have a working and growing civilization. Build that civilization into an empire and rule over the land like none else before you.

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