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Building your own civilization in games usually means building a city, getting people to just walk around and do stuff. Nothing much goes on, but you have fun building and designing the city. Godus looks to take a new approach to building your own civilization, however.

Rather than being a mayor, or being some unknown builder of all, you are going to be God. You are going to play the God of an entire civilization, building the landscape around the people so that they have the desire and ability to begin building homes and the civilization that you want. It is a simple, straightforward game that starts with your creativity and relies on your imagination.


You are not building houses, as stated above. That is how most games start out, but Godus wanted to approach this type of game differently. You are using the land around you to build even ground, on top of which your civilization will start and develop.

You are going to use the power of touch in order to sculpt this land to perfection, a task that is far more exciting the further into the game that you go. You have the chance to create, to improve, and to see your people come to life in front of you. As you continue to build upon what you have, you will see everything improve and move through the ages.


The people in Godus are not oblivious to your existence. You are their God, and they understand that. They worship you, and they follow you. While there are ways to make them dislike you, and to even take your wrath out on them, they are still there for you. You are going to watch as they live and continue to grow, just like a real civilization. They will change with the years, becoming more like a real community and town. It is amazing to see all of this come together so beautifully.

There are mini games and little activities to perform, which are rather easy to do, such as voyages. With these, you are going to take your followers out and attempt to see more of what is out there. It is an incredible journey that is part of their worship of you.


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Since you are their God, you are going to have them living with you in mind, though, as stated, you can change how they feel about you by doing certain actions, such as sacrificing them for gems. The activities here are fun ways to step away from the building without stepping out of the game.

Being God comes with its rewards. Besides building all of Godus, you are also going to have the chance to perform miracles or take your wrath out on the little people. Improve the area and create some of the wonders of the civilization, or destroy it all and watch as your followers burn. It is up to you how you treat your followers, whether you are a good God or a bad one, which is a large part of the excitement.

Godus is free to play.

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