From Farm to City: Dynasty

7.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Combined city-building and farming elements | Well-designed user interface

Relies so much on Facebook friends to play the game

Build up farm and city in From Farm to City: Dynasty. Your beginnings are simple and expected, with just a small piece of land. This land, however, grows and improves over time. It goes from something in terrible condition, in need of a lot of love and work. With you, however, this is easy. You can start to make everything look better and function properly. After some time, it will become a massive city. To make this even better, you have a lot for you to do as you build up this area. Have fun and really throw yourself into this immense, beautiful world.

You have realistic lands in From Farm to City: Dynasty. As you explore and see what you have available to you, you can appreciate the realism. It feels like actual land, actual places. It is all huge, too. Whether you are around the coast of Florida or in Alaska, you will find yourself amazed at the detail here.

From Farm1

It really makes the most out of the available features and space. You can begin to create the type of farm that will leave everyone, even yourself, astonished. It is a treat to the eyes every step of the way when you play this game.

It is not just the land that you can build up. Thousands of unique objects are available throughout the game, too. These objects can go onto your massive land to make it look better. Play with the placement of these objects to personalize everything. This will turn a boring, run down piece of land into the most exciting city that anyone has ever seen. It also means that there is the option of personalization. You can make this look unique and according to your own taste. Compare it with others out there to see how your location differs.

From Farm3

While playing, you are not just building and doing nothing else. You have hundreds of quests to complete throughout the game, so make sure that you get to work right away. You want to make your area look good, you want to do jobs for others, and you want to progress through the game. It has quite a bit of depth to it, a lot more than you might think. This adds to the entertainment of the game and just how addictive it is. Every time you jump into it, there is a new quest for you to do.

From Farm12

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From Farm to City: Dynasty is a social game. This means that you can play alongside your friends, who become your neighbors. These are neighbors that you can actually visit. Compare your location to theirs, checking out the differences and seeing what you have both done. You can also send and receive free gifts. As always, having neighbors makes this type of game better. It means that there are more ways to enjoy the game and there are more ways to make the most out of what is available here. You can always have fun in this world.

From Farm to City: Dynasty is free to play.

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