Fractured Skyline

8.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Mix of empire building and digital card game

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Fractured Skyline takes place in the near future, a time when corporations have even more power and more abilities. You are running your very own corporation here and you are going to want to make it the best it can possibly be. To have this happen, you have to put in the time and energy.

You have to work on improving your corporation, taking over, taking down enemies, and building strategies. It is a corporation builder, after all, so there is a lot to do. Between battles and working on building everything up, you will have a lot to do from the moment that you start.

Fractured Skyline4

The playground for Fractured Skyline is the world around you. As you explore, you explore different areas of the game. You will come across rivals, you will have missions, and you will have new activities ahead of you. In your location, you have a cell.

This cell is full of enemies and rivals that want to take you down. You are going to have to manage all of these moving pieces as you move around yourself. It is difficult, but that is the entire point. To bring up your tiny corporation, you are going to have to eliminate all of those that stand in front of you.

Fractured Skyline11

The entire point of Fractured Skyline is to grow. This is the point for any corporation, but especially so here. A corporation has rivalries and dangers waiting at every turn so you have to be ready. You have to grow stronger, you have to work, and you have to improve. You want your corporation to dominate your specific cell if you expect any growth. This means that you have to work on building everything up as much as you can. With the game at your side, available on the phone, this is no trouble, though the missions and tasks are difficult at times.

To take down the enemies in Fractured Skyline, you have cards. These cards will each have a different role, and you can pick them up throughout the game. They will defend or attack, they will improve other cards, and they will help you to succeed. You have to have a good set of cards if you want to make any progress.

Fractured Skyline12

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Make sure that you try to collect as many of these cards as you possibly can to keep your corporation fighting and ready to take on anything that stands in the way.

Since Fractured Skyline is not about pure power and money, you will have to have some strategy. It is not a game where you can go in with a simple plan and expect to succeed. The enemies here are difficult, and they will take you down if you are not prepared. Build capable strategies based on the cards that you have. Build your team of cards around a strategy you feel is effective. Find the best possible balance of cards that fits your playing style and the type of strategies you create.

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