Folk Tale

7.9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Gorgeous graphics | Funny dialogue

Lack of content | Still far from a finished game

A village builder with so much to do, Folk Tale will give you hours of entertainment. Build a village that will make your peasants happy, giving them the life they dream of having. To protect yourselves and to do everything in the game, you will recruit heroes and battle, too. Battle, collect loot, build and build, and have a happy and sustainable little village. The features and options available to you throughout the game make this an easy task to achieve. There are still challenges, and it will certainly force you to work hard, but it is fun to do from the moment you start.

A group of peasants have come together with a simple mission – build their own settlement. You are going to help them to achieve this through hard work, strategy, and a lot of time. Begin building their settlement with everything they need to get started, and then continue building it up as you improve. This settlement will have its own economy, will keep the people happy, will protect everyone, and will give you endless entertainment and challenges. You have everything that you need to create an amazing village, and to have a lot of fun while you are at it.


Building your village is going to be easy to do. There is free building, which means you do not have to follow a plot or a specific direction. You can build your way, whatever that is. Take your town in a personal direction, making it look the way that you want it to look.

While building up your village, you will have to keep in mind villager happiness. The villagers matter and you will want to give them what they need. This means building and managing the village in a way that keeps them satisfied.


Along with villagers, you will have heroes. You will find and recruit heroes to join your village in order to protect you. With minions out to destroy you, these heroes are a necessity for your village. They will use their special abilities to take down any threat. Alongside other fighters, your heroes will protect the people and grab some loot while they are at it.

Folk Tale gives you the ability to control your villagers and heroes. When you need them to do something, you can make them do it. You are not observing them, like you do in many other builders; you are actively controlling them. If you are to see the results you want to see, you have to strategize and make use of your people fully.


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As you build and battle, you will move through a story. The fully voice acted story adds charm and humor to the game, getting you involved even further. You will meet the characters, develop an attachment to the world, and want to explore more of this universe.

Everything about Folk Tale makes you fall in love. Charm and beauty, it pulls you in from the start. The gameplay, features, and mechanics keep you addicted and coming back.

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