Empires & Allies

7.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Easy to pick up and understand | Solid gameplay

Very similar to other games | Repetitive PvE missions

It is time for you to join your friends in Empires & Allies, an all new military strategy game. You will be able to form alliances, and build up a great empire. You will have the weapons of modern war at your fingertips in a never ending battle to take over the whole world.

You will have a chance to design the best army, join alliances,  and even take time to deploy modern weapons that will help to fortify your defenses, and save the world from an evil terrorist organization called GRA and defend your territories from other players from all over the world.

Empires & Allies5

You may recognize some hints of the games that came before Empires & Allies because there is a base that can be built up, several types of resources that need to be managed and various troop types that you have to take care. Instead of being revolutionary, you are going to be evolutionary. There are plenty of ways that this game stands out from the rest.

The first being that in the single-player campaign, is just something that you can do in order to really kill a bit of time between your attacks or when you are on the defensive from the other gamers. You are the head of your very own paramilitary outfit and you will be in charge of freeing various parts of the world from the GRA.

Empires & Allies6

There are even solo maps that you will be able to have success to when it comes to development efforts. Although it is a bit of a challenge thanks to the bosses that Zynga has created to rule over various parts of the world. These fights will often help you to keep the game from being stale because of the restrictions on attack angles and unique enemy units. It is similar to taking real time strategy and mixing it with a puzzle game.

The control feeling during your combat is actually pretty cool. Even the simplest battles can be won early on in the game by simply being a passive observer, and then you are able to influence all of the battles by marking the targets, then summoning airstrikes and making sure that you are dropping the right types of units at the right times.

Empires & Allies9

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The number of tools that you have will grow as you keep progressing as a commander, and that happens to be something that strategy games have always struggled with in the past. The best part is that the troops who are able to survive a battle will live to fight another day and that means that you only have to replace the troops that you have lost and not all of your army at once.

Empires & Allies happens to be one of the most attractive battle and build games that is on the market. If you are a Facebook gamer, then you will know that you are in for a real treat with this great game. With a realistic style and unique gameplay, you are certainly going to have the best time of your life when you are playing.

Empires & Allies is free to play.

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