Earth Space Colonies

6.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Easy and fun gameplay | Helpful tutorial

Camera is a bit limiting | Clunky and insufficient interface

Build entire civilizations in Earth Space Colonies. It takes the city building genre to new places – namely, space. You will go into space, explore planets, build civilizations, and create an entire society of people living and working up there. Using the materials that you collect, you can build just about anything. Homes, military bases, hotels, and more. Create new and special items, too, that you can put to use in the game. Everything that you do has a clear purpose, too. All three campaigns have specific goals, and you have a full and rich story to follow as you play. Experience the universe in this game.

You are not given a single area to build and to become something. Most other games limit you to such an area, forcing you to work within their restrictions. This can become difficult to manage as you grow and want to do more. Earth Space Colonies gives you far more, though. It gives you entire planets and moons to build upon, as well as to defend and explore. There are numerous activities for you to take part in during your time in this game. It gives you hours of entertainment, and that is just in the beginning.


Three campaign goals exist in this game – terraform Mars, protect Ceres, and explore Ganymede. Choose the one that you want to do and get started. Each one offers exciting opportunities, visuals, and experiences that will amaze you as you play. Go from building your new society on Mars to exploring the depths of space, and all without leaving your home.

There is a fully voice acted story here, too. The story is a small part of the game, but it offers depth and wonder that makes for a better game. Meet characters, go on an adventure, learn about life as it is in the game, and develop a connection with everyone. It grabs you, making you want to go deeper and deeper into this enchanting universe.


Throughout the story and your exploration, you will build colonies on these worlds. You can do this on multiple worlds at the same time using a variety of buildings and items available to you. As you do research, you will unlock new structures that you can use for your colonies. Build it all, from hotels to terraformers, and have them help you build the perfect worlds.

You are not alone up there. You will have to defend yourself during your travels as well as build relationships with others. When building relationships, you will have the chance to establish commerce between planets. This can help you immensely when growing, collecting resources, making products, and building an entire civilization.


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Watch out when you are out there. Earth Space Colonies comes with risks during your journey. Devastation can wipe away everything you have tried to do. Quakes to meteor showers, they are all major problems for you and your journey.

Help humanity and go on a grand adventure in Earth Space Colonies. There is always something to build, see, and do, no matter how long you play.

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