Dwarf Fortress

8.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 7/10

Endless possibilities

Steep learning curve

If you are wanting a unique experience with city building that will have you controlling dwarves, then you need Dwarf Fortress. You will notice that it has strategy and rogue like elements as well. The main goal of Dwarf Fortress is to be able to create and then maintain the best environment for your dwarves, which happens to be inside of a wealthy home on the side of the mountain.

This certainly isn’t that easy to do at all considering that you have to battle inside of your environment against evil invaders during the night and megabeasts. You are able to control the dwarves in a cool adventure style gaming mode where you can explore the world without having to build anything.

Dwarf Fortress1

Although the game isn’t for everyone, it has a pretty big learning curve to it. Take your time and learn a bit about this game and you will certainly love the endless hours of gameplay. This whole game was released in an Alpha version in 2006 and is completely free to play. The game is supported by the donations that are given by the gamers.

What makes Dwarf Fotress unique, is actually the graphics. The game is displayed within text which is where the learning curve comes in. If you want to invest your time into learning then you will be glad that you did. This isn’t just some casual experience, it is so much more.

Dwarf Fortress2

The gameplay is ahead of any other game that is out there, which is pretty awesome considering that it was designed and created by one single person. The game is great for those who really love a challenge and you will find a great, yet dedicated community who will support you every step of the way if you happen to get lost. Dwarf Fortress is immense, complicated, detailed, and only uses ASCII characters for the graphics.

This takes all the processing power of most computers and then uses it to model the bounce physics and then uses it for the raw game engine.  The game happens to run in a DOS window, with everything being represented by the characters, which are punctuation marks and line graphics. It may not be super pretty but it has a whole lot of depth.

Dwarf Fortress11

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Once you have managed to finish getting an acceptable mix of professions and gear you will head out to your first settlement, and this is where things will really begin to pick up. You have certain zones for your activities like mining, chopping wood, gathering plants, making beds, fishing, and so much more.

To be honest, Dwarf Fortress isn’t a bad game at all, it is just a bit time consuming. This is a game that is all about dedication and patience. It has a big learning curve to it and a some what unique interface that takes a bit to get used to. Dwarf Fortress isn’t just some game that you play, it happens to be a very cool lifestyle that you adapt to.

Dwarf Fortress is free to play.

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