7.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Easy to learn

Dated graphics and user interface

Damoria: Enter The Medieval World Of Gaming

Damoria, developed by Damoria GmbH and later on by BigPoint, is a strategy browser MMORPG. This game has constantly grown and expanded since its original publication in 2009 with active players well over 66,000 and going strong. This game is available in 16 languages and is accessible to everyone! Damoria is extremely popular due to its addictive nature and browser based world of games.

The Game:

Set in a medieval world, you choose to be a settler, knight or trader and choose your own path to build your village and settle the countryside. You must find allies, build your army and deal with treaties and wars throughout the land.


Develop building strategies from the complex system of trading and choose from 10 castles with 16 different buildings to call home.

Your main goal is to develop your army and supply them with weapons made from raw materials you have gathered. You are in complete charge with missions for conquering your enemies and climb to world domination.


You have many different buildings at your disposal for development and expansion. You may ally with friends which is highly recommended in order to defeat your enemies. Keep an eye out for your enemies and always protect your castle at all costs.


Other Resources:

Creating weapons to protect your army and allies such as swords, arrows and bows or catapults. You can gather the materials for these weapons from the mines that are located in the woods.

Your Village:

Once you have built and are settled into your village, you must constantly fortify your land and battle for the biggest castle or largest kingdom. You can fight with other players in real time, trade with them or share resources. Trading is essential in gameplay within your own market for added resources that you will need down the road.

Sound and Graphics:



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Sound has not particularly come into play with Damoria. As this is a very casual game, you can just play your own music during gameplay. The graphics are just fine and inviting. Overall, neither graphics or sound seem to have much importance nor any negative feelings on the part of thousands of players enjoying this game every day.


Even though there can be a wait period between gathering resources, making money or battling, everyone seems to have a lot of fun talking to friends, browsing the forums or listening to music while waiting.

As an MMO, Damoria has a great deal to offer gamers with a wonderful community of cultures and many players competing against each other. Due to its casual, laid back environment, Damoria is an easy, fun game to play. If you love strategy games along with MMOs, you will have a great time playing this game.

If you like building kingdoms and enjoy a casual pace, this game is for you!

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