Cultures – 8th Wonder of the World

7.9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Detailed game | Loads of depth

Poor control scheme | Not intuitive

Save the world in Cultures – 8th Wonder of the World. Play as the hero destined to save humanity from evil and doom, using strategy and skills to tear down your enemies. Move through the story, explore the lands, and help your people to survive so that peace can come back. Having multiple options and depth to the game allows you to do more, to become more strategic as you play. Trade, quest, explore, battle, and save the people from their demise at the hands of a great, dark evil. You have the tools and power to do this, and your people are depending on you.


Cultures – 8th Wonder of the World is a follow up to Cultures – Northland. If you played the previous title, you will see many familiar faces, including Bjarni. As you delve deeper into the game, you will uncover more faces that you recognize, both of friends and of enemies. For anyone who has not played the previous game, this still offers a great story that you can pick up at any time without getting lost. It is engaging and entertaining, and it does a great job of setting the environment. You can follow the story and enjoy it without feeling lost.

This is a strategy and battle game. As such, you will have territories to explore and people to command. You will have to find a good balance between all of this in order to see positive results. Work with everything so that the people are strong and so that you can establish connections with others.


Part of this is moving around to other territories. Explore everywhere in the game in order to unlock, fight, and improve. There are several territories here for you to explore, each one unique and interesting on its own. As you enter these territories, you can find tribes. Each tribe has its own desires and needs, and each one can offer trade. Try to open up trade with each of them so that you can build your army and make it easier to take out the enemy.

During all of this, you will have to work on your fighters. At first, your fighters are not great. Inexperienced and weak, they cannot take out the big bad of the game or help you all that much. The more you play, however, the stronger they will become. Continue to build them up until these fighters become superb heroes, able to take down any enemy in their way.


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Cultures – 8th Wonder of the World has quests for you to complete. Go on adventures to complete these quests, meet people new and old, and uncover more of the story. There is always something for you to learn and see through your questing.

Play Cultures – 8th Wonder of the World your way. If you want to uncover the story, strategize, build an army, and help your people, you can do it at a difficulty level that works for you. Whatever you choose, this will grab you and make you want to fight off evil.

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