Craft the World

9.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 9/10

Detailed world design | Interesting art style

CLunky UI | Lacks polish

Craft the World truly does have you crafting the world. It is an immense and beautiful world where you control dwarves who are trying to build their society and protect their people. Using strategy and what you have available to you, you are going to have to get everything built and working. You have to get your dwarves in a good position and you have to work on getting your little world full. With multiple levels available, you can do and redo this often. Choose the type and difficulty that you prefer, start building, and make it a large and wondrous land for your dwarves.

Craft the World6

The actual world in Craft the World is beautiful. Whatever world you choose, of which there are several, there is always a lot available to you. Above and around you, you have the ground and sky. It is beautiful and exactly what you would imagine. Your mission is to build up into that sky and across this large land. To do so, you are going to go down. You are going to dig down and collect resources, with which you can start building. You are going to have to collect and collect so that you have enough resources to build everything that your dwarves need to survive.

Craft the World7

This is not some building simulator. You are building a defense tower that will protect you from the many monsters around Craft the World. Zombies, ghouls, giant spiders, and more and more monsters are hiding away. In some cases, they leave you alone unless threatened. However, for others, they come in hoards to try to tear down your dwarves and take what they can. You have to protect yourself by building a large structure that has the safety and traps necessary to take down any enemy that advances on your location.

Craft the World11

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Strategy is important in Craft the World. Part of this is how you build your structure. You want to make it work as a way to protect your dwarves against the enemies. The other part is magic, which your dwarves can use to go on the offense. You have to build a strategy that will give you the ability to protect yourself and attack any enemy that comes towards you. A good strategy will keep you safe, regardless of the enemies that find you. It does take time to build the perfect strategy, but it is worth it when success comes easier.

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